Monday, May 18, 2009

Lone Star Kettlebell

Being a native Texan and having a newish business in Texas, I thought it fitting to let some of you know the meaning behind the name of my business, "Lone Star Kettlebell."

The Lone Star has always been a prominent feature upon the Texas flag. From its ties to Mexico to its independence and to its eventual statehood, the single star on the banner has proved to be a steadfast fixture in the hearts and minds of Texans, giving it the nickname, "Lone Star State."

The Lone Star itself stands for 5 characteristics, represented by each point on the star, that each Texan should strive to achieve and live by:

Courage - Moral Courage, Mental Courage, and Physical Courage
Righteousness and Moral Integrity

The Lone Star also stands for, in my own mind, a certain rogue or maverick mindset (probably going back to the early pioneer days) that comes with the training territory I've embarked upon. It always seems, as RKC's or "kettlebellers" or power lifters or just plain strength enthusiasts, we are on the outer rim of the "fitness" world. Don't get me wrong though...I like it out here! I'd rather be out here, because this is where the results happen, where new ground is broken and where iron sharpens iron.

These are characteristics I strive for in the small business that I'm a part of. The last part of the name, "Kettlebell," purely represents my training philosophy. The kettlebell has arrived on my doorstep as one of the most useful training tools to ever grace the training room floor. The Hard Style philosophy of kettlebell training, championed by Pavel and the elite group within the RKC community, encompasses much of the way I teach my clients and train myself which has become a huge part of my life and an awesome part at that!

So, there's a little Texas trivia and personal business history for ya!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Gym!!!

Alrighty, so here's some pics of the new place...Let me know what you guys think!