Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praise For One of My Clients...and Friends!

Back in January, I met a young man, Richard Jones, that just finished up his college football career at Texas Tech University. He was #99 and played Defensive Tackle. He wanted me to help him get ready for the NFL Pro Day coming up in a few months.

We worked lots of things, namely his lower body mobility. We saw a ton of improvement over the course of the months, but Rich was being hampered by a recurring hamstring injury. Long story short, he killed it on Pro Day except for the 40 when he had to pull up because of another hammy-pull.

The NFL draft came and went and he had to start from scratch trying to find a new team to call home. He received a break during another tryout where a CFL team really liked what they saw.

Within a couple weeks, Rich was off to Vancouver, BC to play with the BC Lions. Well, that's the good part of the story, because the hamstring was still questionable. His hammy didn't hold up during training camp and was put on the practice squad due to the injury.

He's been waiting all season for his chance, rehabbing and training to get better at his craft. Well, the time is now! Richard will be playing tonight against the Calgary Stampede as the starting Defensive Tackle! Here's a link to his interview with the team media.

Richard's a very special guy with a lot of talent, not just in football. He's gonna make waves in whatever he does and whoever he comes into contact with.

I feel blessed to have been able to get to know him and if anything, help him a little on his journey.

Props to you Big Rich! Kick some butt tonight!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Post and Some Updates

Wow! Didn’t realize it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Got several things to update:

1st – My little baby girl! My wife and I adopted Britten Karson Marshall who was born July 7. She is such a huge blessing and I don’t know what my life would be like without her! She just turned 2 months old is growing like a weed and changing everyday! It’s amazing to watch!

2nd – I’m starting a new personal blog that will have posts like

the above. Personal insights on the life experience that is me. I don’t really think they’re relative to the trai

ning platform, so I’ll reserve that stuff for my personal blog. Here’s the new blog address:

3rd – I’m shutting down my Facebook page. I might write about that on my personal page, so jump on over there and see if I’ve written about it. ;-)

4th – This blog will be a training and business promotion blog. I really want to separate those two things in my life, so I’ll write about my thoughts on training, my experiences and put anything I’m doing with my training business on here.

That’s about it! I’m almost completely done with construction on my building here at the house and I’m chomping at the bit to get back to training. Four months is too long of a break! I think I have more aches and pains when I'm not in a training routine than when I’m in one full force. Pics of the building will soon follow when we’re done!

That’s about it! Hope all you readers (if there really are any) are doing well in all your parts of the world!

~ Jason

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Biggest Loser Perspective

Here's an interesting take on the popular TV show, Biggest Loser.

While I appreciate the motivation the show provides its audience, that's about the only positive thing I can say about it.

As a trainer that wants to do things the right (healthy) way, the perception this show gives to the viewers about results and and what it takes to achieve them is beyond unrealistic. But that's just show-biz, I guess.


Monday, June 7, 2010


Authentic Russian Kettlebells are now available in Lubbock, TX for local purchase!!!

Check out the site for prices and purchasing info.

What's the benefit of buying locally?

YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY CRAZY SHIPPING COSTS! (close to 30% of the cost)

More info will follow if you want to learn how to use them! (Hopefully you won't refer to youtube or men's health) Wink

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy Things

Crazy things are happening and cooking!

Next week ground will be broken in my backyard. The structure that will built on that little piece of land will be a place for a multitude of things. The main purpose is to train my clients. However, additional doors of opportunity and visions are being put on this space. I'm just excited to see what God has in store for it!

Within a few weeks, the building should be built, but I have no idea how functional it will be by that time. It all depends on my sub-contractors and how quickly I can organize the efforts.

I leave for St Paul in 10 days for my second trip to CK-FMS which I'm really stoked about! I'm sure the course has changed quite a bit since its inception. The RKC camaraderie is worth the trip alone, but I'm really pumped to learn all the new tricks up Gray Cook's and Brett Jones' sleeves. Can't wait!

Hopefully after that trip, a routine of regular training will follow (and a steady flow of clients! Fingers crossed!!!).

There's other neat stuff cooking in the pot, but it's a little premature to take it out yet and share. Just some really good opportunities and possibilities.

Good stuff! Sorry for the lack of posts. So for those who do visit, I apologize! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RKC Team Leader!

Well, the official word is out. The Chief Instructor, Pavel,

announced promotions within the RKC ranks and I was

promoted to RKC Team Leader!

So what does this mean?

Well, here’s the description of an RKC Team Leader off

the Dragon Door site:

“The position of RKC Team Leader is by invitation only.

The RKC Team Leader has displayed consistently strong

teaching skills over a number of years and demonstrates a

very high level of physical skill in their kettlebell practice. RKC

Team Leaders teach on a limited basis at the RKC instructor


To make rapid gains in strength, power, flexibility and athletic

performance seek out an RKC Team Leader in your area today!”

So, I’m now part of a small group within the group that will act

as instructors for future instructors. On top of that, I will be able to

continue to expand my knowledge of strength, mobility, conditioning

and understanding of the human body.

This is such a great honor and very humbling for me. You may not

grasp the magnitude of it, but it’s like picking out the top 50 coaches

in Division 1 College Football and having them teach all the current

up-and-coming coaches to get better in their practice of coaching.

So the group I’m included with is more or less STACKED!

So there’s the big announcement. I will do my best to uphold the

standards that have been set before me. And I hope to see and

work with you in the future!