Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tire Work With Pics

Good classes tonight. Worked the tire with some sledges and got some great feedback. The tire (which we haven't named process) will become a fine addition to the gym and will become a nice little friend that we can beat on.

Here's some pics from tonight's classes...
The KB on the tire is the 48kg "Beast" with my new 60lb Medicine Ball and our friendly sledge hammer. Don't they look cute together?!?! Say cheese guys!!
The last pics are of the finishing smoker which consisted of Swings, Sledges and Vertical Med Ball Toss and Catches. It was nice!!!

My workout was a back off night and I worked some dynamic Dead Lift @ 55% = 330 for 5X5 and did a test on my pull ups to see where I was with the right weight added for the TSC and managed 12 solid reps with 22lbs added. The square tubing at the top of the rack is a bit awkward and a real pull up bar may allow for a few more reps....who knows. Decent night....looking forward to a little break....may play some golf...Back to training hard next week.

Active Recovery

Trying to stay loose after heavy DL days, so I just worked in a circuit with the class. Nothing much...Swings, Box Jumps, Renegade Rows, Single Leg DL and Jump Rope.

I managed to secure a "tire" the other day. It's about 6 feet tall standing up and 30" tall when laying flat. I'll have to post a pic as soon as I get one. No telling what it weighs, but I estimate 6-700 pounds. It takes two to flip, but there's a ton of other cool things to do with it too. I used it for my Box Jumps and practiced a little sledge hammer work as well. Nice addition to the family of fitness weapons.

Monday, February 25, 2008

TSC Practice, I Guess

Made an attempt to simulate a day at the TSC. So I pulled heavy, worked some pull ups with a class and did the snatch test during the class' smoker. It was beyond hard to say the least, but prep is going okay. Here's the digs...

Sumo Pin Pull - 2nd Pin
45 -10
135 - 5
245 - 3
335 - 1
425 - 1 (Add Belt)
515 - 1
565 - 1
585 - 1 - PR...I think. I seem to remember back in my hayday that I tried a pin pull at 600, but I was about 20-25 pounds heavier then as well as more used to the heavy training. I'm hovering around 180-185 depending on the day.

Work with class:
Clean and Press w/ Double 32kg, superset with Body Weight Pull Ups
2 Ladders, 5 Rungs

5 Minute Snatch Test w/ 32kg
71 Reps
This sucked worse than anything else. I was suckin' wind for a good 10 minutes afterward.

Solid day overall. Gives me a good feel for what the TSC is all about. I can see the benefit of measuring overall fitness levels with this challenge. It'll be as much or more difficult than a power lifting meet. I don't know that I'll feel as bad there's a silver lining with this type of training.....Glass half full...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Awesome Classes!!!

Classes went really well tonight. First Thursday night class I think, but good turnout nonetheless. Eric tore it up on the smoker! Here's the low down...

TGU (Bottom's Up for the hard living types) - 5 min.

Ab/Strength Circuit - Each 1 min. 1-2x
  • Seated Wood Chopper
  • Double KB Cleans
  • Med Ball Slams
  • KB Squats
  • Russian Twists
  • Rest

Smoker - This was goooood!

Set up a line of KBs from small to big. Pick 5 and start swinging the smallest 10, next size 8 and so on until you hit 2. Then hit some elevated push ups for 10. Rinse and repeat.

Eric went solo tonight and hit 5 rounds in 9:20....truly amazing.

Late class hit it 4 rounds in 10:00.....Unbelievable and impressive!!

Everyone is stronger, more muscular, leaner, have improved stamina and near perfect technique. It's been quite a ride...

Next week may be a deload week. Much deserved after 3 hard weeks with consistent progression in intensity and volume. Even as trainer, overtraining must be in the forefront of my mind as a serious possibility for the students.

My work was simple tonight. I kept it simple and easy.

Dead Lift - worked up to 300 (50% of Projected 1RMax) - 5x5 Varied Grips, but not alternating

Weighted Pull Ups - 12kg 5x5 (mainly technique practice for TSC) I suck at these, so I have a long way to go.

Mixed activity in and around classes, so I have no idea what else I did in between.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Not Much Today, But Great Classes

I had some great classes today in the gym. I wish I would've had a video camera to get it on the site, 'cause the workout rocked!
Classes learned the Kettlebell Snatch then ran through a circuit of Swings, Crush Curls, Hand to hand lunges, Halos, See Saw Presses and Med Ball Hot Potato...1 min each, 3X. It was nice. Finished it off with some anger management...Tag-Team Med Ball Slams. I think everyone loves these at the end of a hard day.

I tried a little something after classes and accidentally tamed the 40kg kettlebell, a.k.a. The Bull Dog. 1 Pistol, 1 Clean and Strict Press, 1 Weighted Pull Up....Done! Next Up...The Beast!

So Close...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back To Posting...Again!

Starting a short prep cycle for the Tactical Strength Challenge that I'm hosting on April 5. Tested a little dead lift and the snatch test. I haven't decided yet to enter in the Open Division or the Elite Division.

Dead Lift - Close Stance, 1st Pin
Warm Up
225 - 5 (Double Overhand)
315 - 3 (Double Overhand)
405 - 1 (Start Over/Under Grip)
475 -1 (Add Belt)
525 -1

Kettlebell Snatch Test - 5 minutes
32kg - 68 reps

After class I practiced the pistol (right leg only...left knee is still a little wobbly). Felt semi-strong.

Pistol Practice
16kg - 2
24kg - 1
32kg - 1
48kg - 2 attempts - missed both

Should've just tried the 40kg...oh time.