Saturday, May 31, 2008

Short Week

This week was a short one. I took Monday off for Memorial Day to get some yard work and other things done around the house. Lots of cook outs and good times on a 3-day weekend!

Week 2 of the Mini Cycle
Tuesday 5-27
Floor Press
Worked up to 270 - 6x2

Close Grip Flat Bench w/ Chains

Cable Triceps Extension

4 Rounds of the following w/ Double 24kg KBs:
Swings - 5
Cleans - 5
Snatches - 5

Thursday 5-29
Pin Pulls from 3rd Pin (Below knee ~ 2-3 inches)
Worked up to 515 - 5x2
1st 4 sets were conventional stance and 5th set was sumo.

Box Squat w/ KB's attached to chains

Played around w/ Banded-Chain box squats w/ KB's attached to chains. This was a lot of fun and the effect is pretty cool!

Weighted Pull Ups w/ Chains

Single Leg/Single Hand Dead Lift w/ 48kg KB
3x5 L/R - opposite hand holding KB from Dead Lift leg
These were awesome! Lots of focus/tension!

That was it! Short week and kept it basic. Probably need some conditioning work and planned on some VO2 Snatches, but they'll have to wait.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Starting A New Training Cycle

Well, the deload week went well a couple weeks ago. I needed the rest, even though I goofed around during some classes doing "parlor tricks"....Mindless Fun!!

This week began a 4-week training cycle. The template is similar to the last cycle with a Westside-ETK-RKC hybrid approach...if there is such a thing (there is now!).

Monday - 5/19/08
Things were kept light today. Nothing much to speak of really.

Tuesday - 5/19/08
Floor Press
Worked up to a max and hit 325 (5 lbs shy of a PR, I think)
4x3 @ 265

Stretch-Reflex Barbell Bench Press
3x10 @ 205

Circuit the following for 3x10-15
Ab Pulldowns
Incline Rear Dumbbell Raises
Dumbbell Tricep Roller Extensions
Seated KB Military Press

Thursday - 5/21/08
Pin Pulls - 3rd Pin or about 3 inches below knee.
Pulled conventional this time (just felt stronger there)
SLOWLY worked up and pulled 605! PR with that weight in that stance!

Safety Squat Bar Good Mornings (probably won't do GM's again w/ the SSB - tough on the cervical spine)

Circuit the following - 3x8-15
Medicine Ball Supermans
Barbell Bent Rows
Banded Hamstring Curls

Friday - 5/22/08
Messed around today. Got a bag of nails from Iron Mind and worked up to the Yellow nail (took me about 10 minutes to close it, but I finally got it there!) Kevin, Vice Grip, Hays closed the Blue Nail on his first day and his first try. Look out Red Nail!!! Kevin's gonna get ya soon!

Push Pressed the 48kg for a few reps on each side and held the negative as long as I could.

Pistol Work - worked the 20kg a few reps on the right side. Managed 90% of a full rep on my left! That's the deepest I've been in a pistol with my bum-noodle-leg!

Swing Smoker w/ Class at the end.
The following = 1 Round all non-stop. Short or no rest between rounds. Complete as fast as possible.
Light KB = 24kg - Swings 5L/5R/10 2-Hand
Heavier KB = 32kg - Swings 5L/5R/10 2-Hand
I did 5 Rounds, but we had a couple over-achievers (Chris and Keith) who pulled off 10 rounds! Great job everyone!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Palm Clean and Waiter Press

This is Keith. Strong...Old...Dude! Really, he's not that old, but I'd definitely love to be in half as good of shape as he is when I'm that age. Great job Keith!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Blog Update

My Training:
Honestly, I've been following a fairly detailed plan with an emphasis on improving the "3 Big Lifts": Bench Press, Squat, Dead Lift….All Un-Equipped. This plan proved to work very well as it's based off of Westside principals (which I've used in the past). I will de-load next week and begin a new 4-week cycle the following week. I think my two max-effort exercises will be Floor Press and Pin Pulls from Below the Knee on the next cycle. Overall, I feel good, my nutrition is coming together and the mix of KB work with max effort power lifting training seems to be a nice pair! Now that the weather is nice, I will incorporate some outdoor training more, i.e.: Tire Flipping, Hill Running, Sled Dragging, etc., on my KB days. Here's a recap of the last two weeks' training.

Week of 4/28 – 5/2:
Monday 4/28
Worked with class and did a light workout with the 24kg. C&P 3x1,2,3,4,5; Superset w/ BW Pull Ups. Finished off with Double 28kg Swings = 100.

Tuesday 4/29
3rd week of 4 in this training cycle with 3-board press. I hit 90% = 315, 4x2. I didn’t have the greatest of days….a little weak and slow.
4x8-10 of the following
Close Grip Pull Down
Front Raise w/ 45# Plate
DB Rear Raise on Incline

Thursday 5/1
3rd week of 4 with Barbell Box Squat – Box has been set at parallel or a little below (Definitely “White-Light-Depth”). My stance with these are wide (inside edge of the rack) with a little turn-out angle on the toes.
90% = 420, 4x2….Felt better today. The weight felt light and I moved it pretty quick.
3x10 of the following
Barbell Good Morning
RDL on Box

Friday 5/2
Felt a little frisky today and played around with The Beast. These are the days I look forward to…just foolin’ around and hittin' some PR’s!
The Beast = 48kg or 106 lb
10 Snatches – Right
Clean and Press – Right, 3 failed attempts Left
TGU – Right

Week of 5/5 - 5/9:
Monday 5/5
Light Clean and Press again…I’m loving this for if for just prehab, restoration and recovery!
24kg 3x2,2,3,4,5; Superset w/ BW Pull Up
2 Rounds of the Following w/ Double 24kg
5 Swings, 5 Cleans, 5 Squats - :30 Rest
Then Lead Boots – 2 Rounds
Squat Jump - :30
Speed Squat - :30
Pause Squat - :30
Squat and Hold - :30
Rest – 1:00

Tuesday 5/6
Max Day!!!
4/4 in this cycle, so let’s see what improvements were made:
3 Board Press: 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 335x1, 350x1 (felt very fast!), 365x1 (struggle), 365x1 (Better!)
20 pound improvement in 4 weeks or 5.8%....I’m happy with that!
Close Grip Bench w/ Chains – 225 4x5
4x10 of the following
BW Dips
DB Rear Raise on Incline

Wednesday 5/7
Shouldn’t have done anything today, but I worked in a couple rounds with one of the classes.
KB Complex w/ Double 20kg 1x4,5; 2x1,2,3
Complex = Swing, Clean, Thruster, Renegade Row, Push Up

Thursday 5/8
Max Day….Again!!!
Let’s see how the training cycle affected my box squat:
Barbell Box Squat – Box set at Parallel – Wide Stance
Warm Up, then: 225x1, 315x1, 365x1, 405x1 (add belt), 455x1, 475x1, 500x0, 500x1
35 pound improvement or 7.5% increase….I can handle that plus I hit 500 for the first time in over a year. I lost my balance on the first attempt. Second was as strong as I’ve ever moved that weight before. The tension work I've learned from training with the kettlebell is definitely paying off.
4x10 of the following
Straight Arm Cable Pull Downs
RDL off Box
Jump Rope – 100x

Then I decided to do some singles of some Muscle Cleans; 205x1,1,1,1,1

Getting back to lifting heavy barbell lifts has been a nice change. The training is coming together. I don't feel overdone and the KB work is always a welcome filler.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Video - Messin' With The Beast

Messin' With The Beast

I tried snatching this thing earlier this week on Monday and managed 6 reps before my grip slipped. I knew I had more in me so I waited 'til Friday to try again. Except for the first and last couple, the reps flowed nicely. I didn't try my left so I don't even know what the status is there. The TGU was tough and the C&P seemed easier than in the past when I've tried. I tried my left right after and got it 3/4's of the way...No Lift. Fun day overall. I like moving heavy stuff around!