Thursday, January 14, 2010

HKC Reminder!

First, I'd like to get the business out of the way.

The first Texas HKC with Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC is closing in. There's not much time left to register, so head on over to the link if you're going to be in or near Lubbock, Texas on the 23rd of January. Here's a link to the flyer for you to download.

Now the fun stuff.

I have been training for the upcoming Raw Unity Meet in Tampa Bay, Florida on January 30. I'm entered in the Deadlift Only portion of the meet and proudly representing the RKC community on the Power To The People Deadlift Team.

Since my last meet, I've modified a few things in my training that I feel were left out in my last training cycles and I think it's been working.

This week is 3 weeks away from the meet so I'm trying to figure the best way to peak my deadlift for the meet. Monday I pulled 3 sets of 3 at 95% of my 1RM (535 lbs). I pulled off of plates so my feet were elevated...without a belt. The reps felt easy, which means something is working.

After my session today, I also tried out my double overhand grip for my pulls since I was pulling a little lighter at 80%. I usually pull with this grip until I can't hold on any more, but I've progressively been able to increase the weight before I switch to my stronger alternating grip.

Here's a video of a PR pull (470 lbs) with a double overhand grip (not to be confused with a hook grip).

Not too long ago, I struggled with 315 lbs in this grip.

I also hit a big PR with the Double Bottoms Up Press and knocked down Double 32kgs! This has been a long-time coming, but I believe this exercise and the deadlift are distant cousins and have complimented each other very well during the last 10 weeks. The BUP with a 40kg is consistent on my right and I haven't hit it with my left yet. I need a 44kg because I'm not even close on The Beast.

All in all, a great session and training is going great! I was really worried after I got food poisoning on New Year's, but I guess my body welcomed the break. Plus, I don't have to cut hardly any weight now. ;-) I'm sitting at a healthy and strong 184. I'll lift in the 181 class in Tampa.

More to come on this training cycle. I've had quite a few A-Ha moments worth mentioning, but I want to wait til after the meet to elaborate.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Learned At The Alamo Bowl

So this year my beloved Red Raiders were invited to play in the Valero Alamo Bowl to play the Big 10 representative, Michigan State. At first glance, Texas Tech had this thing in the bag, but as we got closer to the game, other factors started to play havoc on the potential outcome.

With Michigan State's own player losses, Tech lost its 10-year veteran head coach, Mike Leach. This was a huge blow to the fan-base, coming from first-hand experience. I learned of the firing about 2 hours into my drive down to San Antonio. We plugged on anyway to root on the players, because that's what this whole thing's about anyway.

This first thing I learned, after several days of controversy, hearsay, rumors, affidavits, one-sided reporting, heated debate, and wishy-washy fans, it has finally become apparent to me that nothing is really as it seams. There's so much more to this story, but what I do know is that the general public (i.e. me), will be in the dark for about 90% of it.

The next thing I learned is not to order the Mahi-Mahi at Tony Roma's in the River Center Mall on the River Walk ever again. I'm not knocking Tony Roma's. In fact, the other 4 patrons joining me enjoyed their meals free from any harm. I, however, ended up a couple hours later, holed up in my hotel room, puking and spewing the most foulness I've ever experienced until my poor wife (along with the hotel manager) made an executive decision to send me to the emergency room via ambulance. It was New Year's Eve night of course and we were staying downtown...bonus! So getting around was nearly impossible.

So as I'm being wheeled down to the ground level, I realize what I look like: a guy who must've nearly drank himself to death. How embarrassing! I didn't even have drop, but I couldn't tell that to the mass of gawking onlookers.

Long-story short, after some blood work, a CT scan and 2 liters of fluid, I was released around 5:30am with an acute case of gastroenteritis (food poisoning). I literally spent all of New Year's Day asleep and didn't really wake up until around 2pm Saturday. I had recovered just enough to eat some soup and crackers and make it to the game to see Tech take down the Spartans!

So, if any of you players are reading this, just know that you weren't the only ones that faced adversity leading up to the game! I went through a lot to make it to the Alamo Dome on Saturday and still don't feel 100%. (I'm seriously just kidding!) I'm really very happy for the players and the coaching staff that were thrown in this situation. I hope the best possible scenario comes out of it and the verbally-committed recruits see how Red Raider Nation battles through some tough stuff, but earns its victories like champions!

Now, it's back to, training and life. Oh well, I welcome the routine!

I hope everyone has a great 2010!