Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Awesome Upcoming Workshops!!!

Just a quick reminder to all those who read this blog about
some incredible regional events that are coming up and maybe
in your area!

First up is a 2-day RKC workshop hosted by some of my RKC buddies,
Delaine Ross, RKC and Stephan Belan, RKC with some of the smartest,
strongest and best looking RKC’s in the world!

Attendees include:
David “The Iron Tamer” Whitley, SRKC
Kenneth “The Viking” Jay, MRKC
Sara Cheatham, SRKC
and More!

If you can, get out to Atlanta, GA on July 4-5 for a great
learning experience from the world’s top kettlebell instructors.

You won’t be disappointed!

Also, further down the calendar, on October 17-18, my
strength-brother from another mother out of Guthrie
Oklahoma, Dustin Rippetoe, RKC II, is hosting a workshop at his
new facility with the “Iron Tamer” David Whitley, SRKC
and 2-Time Oklahoma Strongest Man, Jeff O’Connor, SRKC.

Check out the link here to his workshop and make plans to

Be reminded that these folks are the best at what they do!
If you want to be a part of it, get on board and learn from
the best!

Also, here's a video of some frustration taken out on a trap bar
deadlift. I know it's only 3 days after my power lifting meet, but
I technically didn't hit any PR's so I needed to get it out of my

I don't know what the conversion is from a high trap bar pull to
a legit barbell pull, but I estimate between 90-95% (585-618 lbs).

So with that said, I think I left a lot on the platform at my meet.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Power Lifting Meet Results

Here's the full meet report from my meet today. I'm on the ball this time and getting it down early!

The meet went real well and I'll start around the time I started cutting weight.

At 4pm on Thursday, I was at the gym and started cutting weight. I weighed 194 on my gym scales which are notorious for being a little heavy. My home scales are a little more accurate.

By 7pm Friday night I had dropped to 178 on the official scales.

I started rehydrating, eating and got a good night sleep. I can't believe I slept so well the night before a meet! Usually nerves will keep me up and restless.

The meet started around 10am. After the rules meeting, we started warming up for squats. The warmups felt really good and I was getting great depth.

First attempt was 413. A good deep squat with lots of speed. 3 whites!

Second attempt was 446. A little slower and a little higher. 3 whites!

Third attempt was 474. Probably too big of a jump and it showed. Missed and the spotters had to help me up. 3 Reds.

Up next was bench press. Not feeling very strong with it, but the warmups were going okay.

1st - 292. Crazy long pause by the head judge for the "press" command. Didn't think I was going to get my opener! 3 Whites!

2nd - 297. Again with the long pause. Not mentally in it and got 3 Reds.

3rd - 297. Came down with the bar faster this time. Didn't hesitate and nailed it! 3 Whites!

Lastly, the dead lift. My bread and butter lift. If I was going to make up any ground, it's here. Felt very strong in warmups. The groove felt just right.

Dead Lift
1st - 524. Fast and easy. No problem. 3 Whites.

2nd - 551. Again, a quick pull. Thought this was going to be my day and hit a big PR! 3 Whites!

3rd - 573. Pretty coservative jump considering how good 551 felt. BUT, I got caught up talking with a spectator during almost the entire break between the lifting order. I didn't realize how much time had gone by and...BOOM...I was on deck to lift! Ran to the platform, put my belt on, cleaned my shoes and chalked up as they were loading my bar! In a nut shell, I wasn't mentally prepared for it. This weight would have been a meet and personal PR for me, but I blew it....talking!

1294 lbs or 587.5 kg.

My squat, dead lift and total were Texas State records and my dead lift bested the current American record in my division.

The biggest accomplishment for me was the 3-times body weight dead lift. I've been working for that one for a long time even though the weight pulled wasn't a PR.

I've got some good plans for the next training cycle, but will take a short break to prepare for the Level II RKC workshop at the end of the month.

After that, I'll start making plans for NASA Unequipped Nationals in Oklahoma City in October.

All in all, a good meet. No PR's but I guess you could say they all were at my body weight. I competed in the 198 lb class my last 2 meets and this was my first at 181.

Here's a vid of the meet for those interested: