Friday, December 4, 2009

Guest Post - Doctor Mark Cheng

This is an extremely informative post and gives insight into why we do the things we do (good or bad). Check it out and let me know what you think.

The original post can be found here as well as the Facebook Fan Page of Doc.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's a Pattern?

Functional movement patterning is something I'm fascinated immensely by. And that fascination boils down to a two part question:
1. Etiology: How does dysfunction develop?
2. Treatment: How do we take dysfunctional patterns and re-educate them for optimal function again?

With screening & assessment tools such as the Functional Movement Screen & the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, we are able to identify dysfunctional movement that lies at the root of problematic movement or pain. With any variety of corrections that are available - ranging from manipulation/mobilization, to corrective exercise, to Z-Health, to yoga/martial arts - we can directly affect how the body's neuromuscular system deals with a particular motion.

Wait a minute!!!

What about joint problems?

What about muscle cramps?

What about tendinitis?

What about bone spurs?

What about compressed discs?

Yep... I hear you... and I want you to think slightly outside the box for a moment. Follow me through this line of thought, please.

All of the situations you've described above can be seen as mere symptoms. Not the true root of an underlying problem.

One of the mantras I've heard Z-Health practitioners use is "The nervous system is plastic."

No, that doesn't mean that your brachial plexus is 99% nylon. That means that you are capable of change.

Your body's muscular movement patterns, which are controlled by your nervous system, can be RE-PATTERNED by re-training your nervous system. And retraining the nervous system is often done by imposing a different level of awareness on an action.

My mentor, Gray Cook, calls that "proprioceptive awareness" when spoken about in the context of movement. But there are a growing number of studies where researchers are showing that movement training can directly impact individuals with cognitive disorders.

No $h!#... The Chinese have been saying for millenia that "The inside manifests on the outside, but the outside can change the inside."

Fortune-cookie-speak translation: If you recognize someone (or self) with psycho-social issues, no matter how minor or how major, you can positively affect that person if you can get him/her/yourself to modify your movement patterns.

NOW... back to the title of this post... What's a pattern?

A pattern is an established way of doing things that has become ingrained through practice. What oftentimes is dismissed as genetic or "inherited" is more likely a learned behavior.

Whether the pattern in question is valgus collapse under load, poor spinal posture when typing on your laptop, inappropriate scratching in public, binge eating, saying "uhhh" every few words, or being pathologically late, the reality is that all of these patterns are manifestations of a LACK OF CONTROL.

And that lack of control comes from two things: a lack of SELF-AWARENESS and a lack of understanding of CONSEQUENCES.

Let's take posture for example...

Someone may not be aware of their posture being kyphotic (slouched forward), and as a result, when they think they're standing straight, a 3rd person observer can see clearly that they're not. The nervous system, in this case, has calibrated itself to read the flexed T-spine as "neutral".

For that pattern to be broken, an intervention of sorts has to occur. Whether the person in question decides on his/her own to QUESTION and EXAMINE his/her own posture, OR a therapist intervenes to re-train the posture, the pattern needs inspection, analysis, and active modification to be re-learned. Ask anyone who's successfully changed their posture how difficult it was, and they'll almost all tell you that it took a lot of mindfulness - constantly reminding themselves to sit up straight, walk tall, etc., etc.

The same is true for speech, for movement, for any moment of any action that we are involved in. Mindfulness is the key to recalibration, the key to growth, the key to change.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Clean and Press Success!

I've had several of my clients going back to basics since I've been training them. I absolutely love the Rite of Passage program from Pavel's book, Enter The Kettlebell.

This program has proven to dish out PR after PR for myself and my clients.

When Jarod (Hudd) started training with me, he had a tough time with anything overhead due to some shoulder issues. After some corrective work we got him fairly symmetrical and got to work.

Here's a short vid of the results. This was taken after Hudd's workout and after he had already pressed the Bulldog 3 times per arm. He hadn't tried anything heavier than a 32kg prior to this. He's not quite ready for the Beast, but he's close.

Not too shabby after starting out with a 24kg!

Don't forget that The Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) is coming to Lubbock, TX!

Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC will be the Senior Instructor which will make this event something you won't want to miss.

Check out the details HERE on the Dragon Door site to sign up.

Don't wait around though! There's a limited number of spots available and they're starting to fill up fast!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deadlift Plan

So, after a lot of thought and advice, I've come up with a template of the 1st 4 weeks (which began last week) of what my deadlift cycle will look like leading up to the Raw Unity Meet.

Each week I'll be ramping up intensity and volume for 3 weeks with a slight deload on the 4th.

Mondays will be 5/3/1 Deadlift day followed by accessory work (all pulls from on top of 35# plates).
Tuesdays will be a heavy Rite of Passage day (all cleans and presses done Bottoms Up and pull ups - weighted) followed by heavy swings.
Wednesdays will be GPP: Plate Push, Farmers Carry and Light Snatches
Thursdays will be a page out of Power To The People Pro with 5x5 Wide Stance Box Squats followed by Banded Deadlifts for 8 singles...then accessory work.
Fridays will a light ROP day...again all bottoms up followed a different swing template.
Saturday or Sunday more GPP.

I chose the Bottoms Up Press and Rite of Passage due to the crazy gains I've got from the program and the exercise in the past, but I've never combined the two. The BUP and Weighted Pull Ups transfer well to my deadlift.

The elevated pulls will help with the trouble I've had off the ground with my max attempts in the past. The sumo box squats will hopefully help the same.

Everything else was specifically chosen to build up my weak points and facilitate my readiness for the deadlift.

The second 4 week cycle will most likely look a little different with more high-percentage pulls.

Finally, I'll have a 3-week peaking cycle to get ready for the meet.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

HKC Lubbock Prep Workshop

If you are signed up or interested in attending the HKC here in Lubbock or any other upcoming HKC, then you'll want to be as prepared as possible.

I have had the fortune and opportunity to assist at a private HKC with Pavel Tsatsouline, giving me direct experience on the requirements for this course.

The workshop will be held at Lone Star Kettlebell:

5827 50th Street
Unit D & E
Lubbock, TX 79424

The date will be Saturday, January 9, 2010 from 9am to 12noon (or however long it takes).

Call or email me if you have any questions.

806 773-3735

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Check out the new and improved Lone Star Kettlebell website!

We have a great foundation laid out and I think this is going to be a great new look for the biz.

If you have a chance to pay a visit, let me know what you think here on the comments or through my new Contact Page on the site.

We also have a page dedicated to the upcoming HKC here in Lubbock!

Space is limited on this, so if you're in the area and thinking of going, you need to get on that page and sign up!

Huge thanks to Pat Sitton, RKC for all the help on the site! Check him out if you like what you see!

P.S. I just ordered Pavel's new book, Power To The People Professional. I'm thinking this is the push I need to get over that 600 mark in the deadlift! Can't wait for it to get here!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Only Cure Is More Kettlebell!

So I get into the gym yesterday and one of my good friends and clients dropped off a belated birthday gift.

A small box of T-shirts with this graphic it on it!

If you don't get the reference, check out this Youtube link.

Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken starred in arguably one of the funniest Saturday Night Live skits.

Well, most of the people I run into and talk about kettlebells for the first time (friends included), you get all kinds of reactions. "Cowbell?" "Kettle Ball?" "Cow Ball?"

Anyway, I thought this was pretty funny.

Since I don't have very many, I'm probably going to hang on to them and give them away as prizes or incentives to clients.

So, be at your best, 'cause you'll want one of these T-shirts!

Don't forget about the upcoming HKC here at Lone Star Kettlebell! We might be giving out a couple there as well!

Monday, October 26, 2009

HKC at Lone Star Kettlebell!!!

It's official and it's gonna be AWESOME!

The first Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) in Texas!

I am honored to host this event and even more-so to have Sr RKC, Jeff O'Connor attend as the Senior Instructor.

If you've ever considered:
  • Using kettlebells
  • Becoming a student of kettlebells
  • Preparing for the RKC
  • Training clients with kettlebells
Then this is a no-brainer!

Stay tuned for more information! I'm planning on scheduling a prep-workshop for prospecting HKC's!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Things In Store For 2010!

It's not officially live yet, but this will be the first of many announcements about something BIG coming up in January of 2010 at Lone Star Kettlebell!

Stay tuned and I'll be getting back on the band wagon of updating this blog more frequently.

I'll just say it may have something to do with a Redneck Ninja and possibly a Chinaman.

Again, it's not officially live, so don't hold me to it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Dreaded 4-Letter B-Word!

That’s right, BOMB! I bombed out of my meet Saturday. Here are the details for anyone interested.

I made weight easily weighing in Friday night at 179.2. I had a good meal post-weigh in. Afterward, I ate a couple PB&J sandwiches with my Gatorade and water before bed. I was up early and ate some more PB&J with a banana. I wasn’t feeling that great as I’ve had a nasty sinus cold for a couple weeks, but that was the least of my problems in my opinion.

Since I wasn’t feeling that great, I lowered my squat opener from 441 to 424. Warmups went well. I was hitting good depth and felt strong on the ascent.

First attempt at 424 – 2 Whites, 1 Red (Side judge; depth)

Second attempt at 441 – 2 Whites, 1 Red (Head judge; not sure why the red light?)

Third attempt at 451 – 3 Reds…Rocked back on my heels on the way up and lost my balance. I also felt my left trap/lat/rib tweak on the way up.

Not a PR day and not even close to what I was expecting, but I knew that my physical condition wasn’t 100% so I was glad squats were over and I could move on to the bench with a little more confidence.

Bench warmups were a little different than what I was used to as there was only 2 benches and I really couldn’t gauge the timing of my 1st attempt to when I should hit my last warmup. Either way, my warm-ups went alright and ended with a good pause at 285. My opener was 292, so I felt confident 7 pounds were left in the tank (I was wrong).

First attempt at 292 – 3 Reds. Had to have help.
Same think on 2nd and 3rd attempts. I tried rolling out my trap on a foam roller between rounds, but I just couldn’t get the thing to relax. I just wasn’t strong off my chest and had absolutely no drive to get the lift to lockout. The head judge was holding the Press command a little long, but it’s still no excuse. An opener should be easy enough to get you on the board. I misjudged and paid the price.

So, with that my day was over. My first time to bomb out of a meet and I was extremely disappointed (still am).

Here’s where I feel I went wrong and where I can improve for the future:

· 5/3/1 is a good program to build overall strength in a lift, but it’s not built for peaking. I need to refocus my program to include an entire peaking cycle or two to incorporate more heavy attempts, partials, etc. for my CNS to be prepared.

· I probably shouldn’t have gone on my mountain bike trip the weekend before in hindsight. I though it would be a good mental and physical break, but I was getting sick right before I went and knew that would cause more problems.

· I need help at a meet. I went by myself and had to ask for help with knee wraps, etc. It’s just better to have some people helping to support you during the meet with weight selection, technique pointers, etc.

· I need to practice more bench press reps with a pause.

There’s a lot more, but those are the main points.

I was really disappointed to not get to deadlift. I honestly felt I would have had a big day with my pulls to make up for bench and squat, but never got a chance.

I’m not going to lie; I was extremely angry with myself and went through a lot of really bad emotions after bombing out of that meet. I guess that’s my competitive and perfectionist side coming out, but I quickly reined it in and I’m already looking onward to the end of January to the Raw Unity meet in Tampa, FL where I’ll compete with the Power To The People Deadlift Team. (Thank goodness it’s deadlift-team and not bench-team!) ;-)

One big positive that came out of the weekend was going up to Edmond, OK to hang out at the Whitley/O’Connor workshop hosted by Dustin Rippetoe. (A huge thanks to Jeff and Dave for figuring out my trap problem and getting that sorted out. I honestly can’t even feel it today!)

I learned a ton just in the last few hours of their Day 1 and went to eat some pizza with everyone and got up for a little more Hardstyle on Day 2 before heading home.

I want to thank everyone for their support and asking how things went even though it wasn’t my day. I also want to say a huge thank you to Phil Wylie of Bad Attitude Gym out of the DFW area for wrapping my knees at the meet and being there to support me and get advice from! Thanks MAN!

Another list of Thank You’s goes out to the following for helping me along the way the last 3 months and creating a great learning experience:

· My wife - Kara
· Chief Instructor – Pavel Tsatsouline
· Senior RKC – Jeff O’ Connor
· Team Leader – Thomas Phillips
· Jack Reape
· Phil Wylie
· Brian Schwab
· Chad Aichs
· Sean Rowden – One of my best friends and occasional lifting partner

Powerlifting is a tough and thankless sport. It’s even tougher when you attack it alone. It really does take a team of people to get one to excel. Even though I do most of my training alone, it’s great to have some pillars to lean on when I’m stuck and don’t know what to do.

Thank You!

Monday, October 12, 2009

South Boundary Trail, New Mexico

So, I've been planning a mountain biking trip with some buddies to New Mexico and just got back yesterday.

I really can't describe the trail into words...well maybe one...EPIC! It was one of the most physically difficult things I've ever done. The total mileage on day 1 was 31...all through the mountain range between Angel Fire and Taos. We were surprised with about 2 inches of snow covering about half of the trail. The snow made for interesting negotiations along the bench-cut single track and techie switch backs and rock gardens.

At the top after a 1 hour, 2 mile climb!

Aspens color change...Good timing!
View looking down on Taos.

This was an amazing ride! I had some wipe-outs, but nothing serious. I would do it again in a heartbeat and will be putting this trip back on the calendar for next year!

Day 2 was a "cool-down" day as we drove about an hour north past a little town called Questa to ride a trail built around the rim of Rio Grande Gorge where the the Rio Grande and Red Rivers converge. The rim of the canyon is 800 feet above the river making for some spectacular views.

Rio Grande on the right, Red River on left.

The Motley Crew

Sunday, September 27, 2009

TSC - Fall 2009

I hosted my 4th Tactical Strength Challenge this weekend. David Kliewer of Yukon, OK drove the 5 hours down to Lubbock to compete which motivated me to give it a go.

I wasn't sure about competing since I just completed my 3rd wave of 5/3/1 last week. Here's how things went:

David Kliewer - Open Class - 180 lbs Bodyweight
Deadlift - 495 - Good, 515 - Miss, 515 - Miss
Pull Up - 22 reps
5 min. Snatch - 24kg - 130 reps

Jason Marshall - Elite Class - 187.5 lbs Bodyweight
Deadlift - 495 - Good, 535 - Good, 565 - Good
Pull Up w/ 10kg - 15 reps
5 min. Snatch - 32kg - 80 reps

Thanks to David for coming all the way down! He did a great job!

My last wave of 5/3/1 went really well. I hit good reps at my prescribed weights and I feel like I'm making good progress. The best part is, physically, I'm feeling extremely well. No aches, pains, soreness, even a hint of overtraining. That goes to show how setting out to follow a long-term program and actually sticking to it can give a positive training effect.

Here's my numbers from week 3 of my 3rd wave:

Double KB Press - 2-40kg - 3 reps
Deadlift - 495 - 11 reps
Bench Press - 270 - 7 reps
Squat - 400 - 10 reps

Next week is a back-off week, but I'm going to also use it as Week 1 of a 2-week mini-peaking cycle before another back-off week to prep for the meet on Oct. 17.

All I'm planning on doing is including some overloading in the lock-out position of the Squat, Bench and Deadlift...just to feel the heavy weight. That's the only problem with 5/3/1...Trying to figure out how to peak for a meet.

So, I'll perform my back-off week reps, but finish off with heavy lockouts (probably close to where I think I am with my 1 rep max). I'll see how it goes and figure out the next week from there.

Either way, I feel strong, fresh and healthy and I guess that's all I can ask for whether or not I'm hitting PR's. That's a blessing in itself.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Great Cycle!

I had great results from my last 5/3/1 cycle. Here's the Cliff's notes:

Military Press: 2 40kg - 4 reps
Dead Lift - 485 - 11 reps
Bench Press - 265 - 8 reps
Squat - 390 - 11 reps

There was a definite increase in strength on all lifts. The heavier weight seems easier to handle and the grooves are more smooth.

Note: On my last squat day, last Thursday, I wrapped my knees with my Metal knee wraps instead of using my knee sleeves. I used a real loose wrap rather than tight wrap for a meet...just enough for some protection and stability. On the second rep with 390 on the bar, my left wrap flipped over my knee cap and bunched up behind my knee as I lowered myself down. I felt my quad contract harder than I've ever felt and my whole quad started to sting. Instead of racking it to re-wrap, I kept going and smoked 11 reps. Testosterone got the best of me and it turns out I strained my vastus medialis during that 2nd rep. I've been rehabbing it for the last 3 days and the bruise and swelling is almost unnoticeable which means I'm doing something right. Another positive is that this is my de-load week so I was planning to take it easy anyway.

All in all, 5/3/1 has been a great program if you can stay healthy. I find it very easy to follow and pretty easy on the body of a raw lifter. The numbers speak for themselves, but I've really surprised myself on some of these big sets.

I'm not sure what my plan is for the next cycle or so until my meet in October. I'm working the kinks out right now and have an "advisory board" working on helping me with the programming.
On a completely different note, I came across this story with the attached video the other day and it really got me. Especially how much I take for granted sometimes. Just lifting, training, teaching, etc.

Here is the true story…

The son asked his father, ‘Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?’.

The father who, despite having a heart condition, says ‘Yes’.

They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying ‘Yes’ to his son’s request of going through the race together.

One day, the son asked his father, ‘Dad, let’s join the Ironman together.’ To which, his father said ‘Yes’ too.

For those who don’t know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island.

Father and son went on to complete the race together. View this race here…

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Big Three

After my cycle of 5/3/1 and a deload week, I decided to use this week as a test week for my One Rep Max on the Big Three - Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

Here's the results with a video:

Squat - Hit 475 very easy. Almost scary-easy. Decided to attempt an even 500. It was a slow grind. Probably would've been red-lighted on depth and I blew the rear-end out of my shorts, but I got the weight up on my own strength and felt satisfied.

Previous Best at Power Lifting Meet - 445
After 5/3/1 w/ Kettlebells - 500

Bench Press - Worked my way up easy and relaxed. I felt I could've hit 295 for reps. It just flew up. Threw 3 wheels on and 315 locked out no problem with a pause. 325, no dice. Needed a tiny bump from spotter to lock it out.

Previous Best at Power Lifting Meet - 292
After 5/3/1 w/ Kettlebells - 315

Dead Lift - Stayed relaxed during my warm up reps. Hit 515 on my last warm up and it felt heavy, but the rep was smooth and fast. Put 565 on and seemed like a quick lift, but strained hard to get it. This was an all time PR, even at about 20 pounds lighter than my pre-kettlebell body weight. Tried 585 and couldn't budge it off the ground.

Previous Best at Power Lifting Meet - 551
After 5/3/1 w/ Kettlebells - 565

Total increase in poundage: Squat - 55, Bench - 23, Dead Lift - 14, Total - 92 pounds. This would get me close to my goal of a 1400 pound raw total in the 181 pound weight class.

As the old saying goes, "don't fix it if it ain't broke." I think I'll keep at it with this program starting next week and see where this one will take me.

Here's a vid of the pull from today:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

5/3/1 Update

The last 4 weeks have been spent testing Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 protocol. I’ve followed it to the “t” thus far.

The program sets up a set-and-rep scheme that you follow for 4 weeks at a time. You then readjust the poundages and go for another 4.

The 4th week is a de-load week, so I’ve been going light all week. Still practicing my lifts, but way light.

*Wendler’s program doesn’t call for testing actual 1-Rep Maxes, so he uses a rep-max calculation to figure out if you’re making progress. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I plan on testing it next week with a mini-mock powerlifting meet with myself.

All my reps were based off of my competition lifts from my last powerlifting meet. I only tested my overhead press at the beginning with a barbell and then used a pair of kettlebells closest to the poundage needed for the sets.

Here’s the recap of the 3 weeks leading up to now.

Week 1 (Last set of the day is a max with 5 or more reps at the prescribed weight)
OH Press – 2-32kg – 10 reps – Predicted 1-Rep Max – 190
Dead Lift – 425 – 11 reps – P1RM – 585
Bench – 230 – 11 reps – P1RM – 315
Squat – 345 – 14 reps – P1RM – 510

Week 2 (3 or more)
OH Press – 2-36kg – 5 reps – P1RM – 190
Dead Lift – 450 – 10 reps – P1RM – 600
Bench – 245 – 10 reps – P1RM – 330
Squat – 365 – 13 reps – P1RM – 525

Week 3 (1 or more)
OH Press – 2-40kg – 3 reps – P1RM – 195
Dead Lift – 475 – 9 reps – P1RM – 620
Bench – 260 – 9 reps – P1RM – 330
Squat – 385 – 11 reps – P1RM – 530

My body weight stayed very consistent around 185 during the entire cycle. I’m real interested to see how this transfers to an actual 1RM, so it’s put-up-or-shut-up time next week.

I used primarily all KB exercises for my accessory work. Some days I didn’t do any accessory work and worked on corrective drills after my work sets. I really just played it by ear.

I threw other KB stuff on my off days with my classes for GPP and joint-mobility.


On another note, my Southern RKC Brother, Dustin Rippetoe, RKC II and CK-FMS, from Guthrie, OK is putting on a really amazing workshop in October. I’m planning on attending Day 2 as I have a meet scheduled in OK City the first day. He’ll have 2 of the TOP Kettlebell Instructors in the WORLD in one place, Jeff O'Connor, SrRKC and David Whitley, SrRKC.

He’s offering a killer deal right now as well. If you sign up and get 2 other people to sign up, your registration is FREE! That means you get to spend 2 days with 2 Senior Instructors plus a bunch of other talented people for NADA! Or, you can get your 2 referrals together and split the 2 registration fees between the 3 of you. Pretty nice discount if you ask me!

Check out the details here: and get on the horn with 2 of your friends to get in on this deal!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Don Meyer of Northern State University

I saw this the other night on ESPN and was thrilled when I found the entire clip on YouTube. Coach Don Meyer was the recipient of the esteemed Jimmy V award given annually at the ESPYs. Coach Meyer's story of the last 10 months of his life is unimagineable to say the least. Yet he has perservered and bested all other coaches as the winningest coach in college basketball.

Inspired doesn't come close to describing how I felt after watching this. (I've watched twice since!) ;-)

If only men/women like these were the ones we saw regularly in the media as role-models and examples to follow, rather than the trash that's so common on every TV channel and magazine cover.

I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dead Lift Experiment

After a week of corrections after Level II, I’m feeling pretty good. So I decided to start a base program to prepare me for my upcoming lifting cycle. My next planned PL meet is October 17th which puts me 15 weeks out.

I figure a short 3-4 week building phase will be appropriate.

Yesterday was dead lift day and I was excited to use some tips I got from Level II. Andrea DuCane, MRKC, Kenneth Jay, MRKC and Pavel all gave me some good pointers.

This program calls for a repetition max at a certain percentage of my 1-Rep Max. After the 1st 2 planned sets and reps, my all-out set called for 5 “or more” reps at 425.

I used Pavel’s advice using the goblet squat/front raise focusing on smooth and fluid transition while keeping correct spinal/hip alignment.

I also used the tips from Andrea and Kenneth where I focus my eyes before and during the lift. As I reached down to grab the bar, I kept my head neutral with my eyes looking at a spot down on the horizon about a foot off the floor. As soon as the bar broke from the ground I kept my head neutral, but looked up towards the ceiling.

Another tip picked up through Level II was keeping my face and neck as relaxed as possible.

I had a client watch the set and he said it was the most fluid, effortless looking lifts he’d ever seen me do. The weight looked and felt like a feather.

I ended up pulling 11 consecutive reps with a couple left in the tank. A predicted 1RM of ~580.

The techniques will definitely help as I feel fresh and ready for another day even after such a difficult set.


On another note, I finally got my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers in yesterday! Black KSO’s and they feel awesome! I’m really looking forward to training in them!

Since the recent discovery of my weak feet and ankles, I’m hoping to have a few aspects of my training dramatically improve with these funky-looking foot-gloves.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

RKC Level II…Check!

What a phenomenal weekend! There’s really too much to write about, but I’ll sum it up as best I can.

Day 1 – Thursday – 6/25
I arrived early around 1:30pm (on purpose AND highly recommended!) so that I could get situated and head up to the workshop area to help out in any way I could. Luckily for me, Dennis Armstrong of Dragon Door offered all attendees a BONUS Pre-Cert workout with none other than Dave “The Iron Tamer” Whitley, SrRKC, Jeff “The Redneck Ninja” O’Connor, SrRKC and Kenneth “The Dane of Pane” Jay, MRKC.

After I performed my snatch test and helped unload bells, we headed for the field and within minutes, my brain was hurting. These guys throw so much at you! It’s just so hard to absorb it all. The workout lasted about an hour and a half, was extremely worth it, and wasn’t so bad that it compromised me for the next 3 days.

Meet and greet went great and I was introduced to a lot of new faces with familiar names and reunited with a lot of friends I’ve made over the last 2 years in the RKC family.

Day2 – Friday – 6/26
The morning started off with people taking snatch tests followed by 2 stations of Level II requirements: The Pull Up w/ a 24kg hanging on the foot and The Press w/ a KB closest to half your body weight. I had to press a 40kg which went up with no problem and the pull up seemed pretty easy (probably because of adrenaline). I knew I could perform these prior to signing up last October, so I felt prepared.

Pavel and Jeff covered some really awesome material on the Core Basics which still blows my mind at how much more there is to learn about the Swing and TGU. Jeff’s presentation on the TGU and Foot Work was really awesome and I’ve started using his Hard Style Yoga on myself and clients as soon as I got home.

The rest of the day wasn’t so pleasant. We worked Level I drills and their corrections, which seemed like a very long time. I wasn’t paying much attention to the rest of the group, but I believe there were some who were really struggling with just the Level I skills we were supposed to have nailed down. Shame on us and we got punished for it. I had my first double forearm cramp right at the end of the day due to dehydration which was interesting while trying to snatch. I’m glad it happened at the end, so it didn’t ruin too much for me. Thankfully it happened while we were performing the Vo2MAX cadence test and I had already done that prior to coming, so I knew my cadence number.

I had the great honor and fortune of getting to eat supper at the “Big Boy” table with Pavel, Dave, Jeff and Kenneth. Those guys can consume! I got some great Powerlifting pointers from Pavel and was encouraged further to participate with the Power To The People Deadlift Team this January. We talked about nutrition and other random topics…JUST Friggin’ Awesome!

Day 3 – Saturday – 6/27
A little more sore this morning. Friday was definitely a smoker, as it should’ve been for all that were unprepared, but thanks to John DuCane’s Morning Recharge, I felt great and ready to go.

Jeff, Dave, Pavel, Will Williams, SrRKC and Andrea DuCane, MRKC covered the Bent Press, Windmill, Pistol and Pull Up and I was immediately humbled by the correct ways to perform these exercises. This put a huge spotlight on my dysfunctions, which I will “own” and work on continuously.

We spent some time in lecture with Kenneth teaching the intricacies behind Viking Warrior Conditioning. He really knows his stuff and put on an excellent presentation! He unveiled a new protocol that we got to practice and it was really amazing! I’ll be using that one as well!

Day 4 – Sunday – 6/28
The morning started with a presentation by Dave on Kettlebell Group Training for Fat Loss and how to maximize your business potential. Great stuff and then we got a little tough-love application on the field. I’ve already used his Get Up – Swing progression in a class and it worked awesome!

Then Jeff presented on using Kettlebells as a one-of-a-kind tool in Youth Athletic Development. Phenomenal information with great drills and some really cool swing variations were added for power development.

Then we broke for our Skills Testing. Some had to retake their basic Pull Up or Press tests again as well as being broken up in teams to test the Level II skills. This was pretty nerve-racking. It’s not a strength thing, it’s a skills thing. The idea was, “can you perform ‘X’ number of perfect reps of ‘Y’ exercise after you’ve be thoroughly taught when I ask you to perform it?” Many couldn’t, which doesn’t make them bad instructors or weak at the skills, it was mostly mental lapses. I thankfully passed, but I was definitely sweating it! Most that failed the skills or basic tests will be put on provisional probation for 90 days to film the correct version of the test they had trouble with, send it in, and if accepted after evaluation, they get certified. I believe the attrition rate will be much lower after the 90 day period.

I equate it much like a powerlifting meet. I’ll spend 3 months on training, tweaking my program, hours in the gym, constant self-evaluation on technique, $$$ for gear and equipment, $$$ for organizational dues, $$$ for meet entry fees, $$$ on travel, and $$$ for nutrition to prepare for a meet. However, if on that meet day, I set my opener too high and miss 3 attempts, or I miss the head judge’s commands 3 times, or I have technique issues 3 times, I’m OUT. No bench attempts, no dead lift attempts…OUT. Wait ‘til next time, if there is one and go back to the drawing board and reinvest on all the above-mentioned aspects. Bottom line, it’s life. We mess up, we fall down…most of will just dust ourselves off and get back up to try again.

I’m glad the bar was set high for this cert. I couldn’t have asked for more from The Chief, Masters, Seniors and Team Leaders. The experience was second-to-none and I would do it again in a heart beat. If you’re RKC and you plan on expanding that with Level II, start NOW! THE CURRICULUM WILL NOT GET EASIER! The higher standard creates a badge of pride, honor and integrity, and I’m blessed to have had the opportunity.

Thanks to everyone for making the experience one I’ll never forget and for all the new friendships that I made over the weekend. The RKC Family is such an awesome one and I’m honored to be a part of it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Awesome Upcoming Workshops!!!

Just a quick reminder to all those who read this blog about
some incredible regional events that are coming up and maybe
in your area!

First up is a 2-day RKC workshop hosted by some of my RKC buddies,
Delaine Ross, RKC and Stephan Belan, RKC with some of the smartest,
strongest and best looking RKC’s in the world!

Attendees include:
David “The Iron Tamer” Whitley, SRKC
Kenneth “The Viking” Jay, MRKC
Sara Cheatham, SRKC
and More!

If you can, get out to Atlanta, GA on July 4-5 for a great
learning experience from the world’s top kettlebell instructors.

You won’t be disappointed!

Also, further down the calendar, on October 17-18, my
strength-brother from another mother out of Guthrie
Oklahoma, Dustin Rippetoe, RKC II, is hosting a workshop at his
new facility with the “Iron Tamer” David Whitley, SRKC
and 2-Time Oklahoma Strongest Man, Jeff O’Connor, SRKC.

Check out the link here to his workshop and make plans to

Be reminded that these folks are the best at what they do!
If you want to be a part of it, get on board and learn from
the best!

Also, here's a video of some frustration taken out on a trap bar
deadlift. I know it's only 3 days after my power lifting meet, but
I technically didn't hit any PR's so I needed to get it out of my

I don't know what the conversion is from a high trap bar pull to
a legit barbell pull, but I estimate between 90-95% (585-618 lbs).

So with that said, I think I left a lot on the platform at my meet.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Power Lifting Meet Results

Here's the full meet report from my meet today. I'm on the ball this time and getting it down early!

The meet went real well and I'll start around the time I started cutting weight.

At 4pm on Thursday, I was at the gym and started cutting weight. I weighed 194 on my gym scales which are notorious for being a little heavy. My home scales are a little more accurate.

By 7pm Friday night I had dropped to 178 on the official scales.

I started rehydrating, eating and got a good night sleep. I can't believe I slept so well the night before a meet! Usually nerves will keep me up and restless.

The meet started around 10am. After the rules meeting, we started warming up for squats. The warmups felt really good and I was getting great depth.

First attempt was 413. A good deep squat with lots of speed. 3 whites!

Second attempt was 446. A little slower and a little higher. 3 whites!

Third attempt was 474. Probably too big of a jump and it showed. Missed and the spotters had to help me up. 3 Reds.

Up next was bench press. Not feeling very strong with it, but the warmups were going okay.

1st - 292. Crazy long pause by the head judge for the "press" command. Didn't think I was going to get my opener! 3 Whites!

2nd - 297. Again with the long pause. Not mentally in it and got 3 Reds.

3rd - 297. Came down with the bar faster this time. Didn't hesitate and nailed it! 3 Whites!

Lastly, the dead lift. My bread and butter lift. If I was going to make up any ground, it's here. Felt very strong in warmups. The groove felt just right.

Dead Lift
1st - 524. Fast and easy. No problem. 3 Whites.

2nd - 551. Again, a quick pull. Thought this was going to be my day and hit a big PR! 3 Whites!

3rd - 573. Pretty coservative jump considering how good 551 felt. BUT, I got caught up talking with a spectator during almost the entire break between the lifting order. I didn't realize how much time had gone by and...BOOM...I was on deck to lift! Ran to the platform, put my belt on, cleaned my shoes and chalked up as they were loading my bar! In a nut shell, I wasn't mentally prepared for it. This weight would have been a meet and personal PR for me, but I blew it....talking!

1294 lbs or 587.5 kg.

My squat, dead lift and total were Texas State records and my dead lift bested the current American record in my division.

The biggest accomplishment for me was the 3-times body weight dead lift. I've been working for that one for a long time even though the weight pulled wasn't a PR.

I've got some good plans for the next training cycle, but will take a short break to prepare for the Level II RKC workshop at the end of the month.

After that, I'll start making plans for NASA Unequipped Nationals in Oklahoma City in October.

All in all, a good meet. No PR's but I guess you could say they all were at my body weight. I competed in the 198 lb class my last 2 meets and this was my first at 181.

Here's a vid of the meet for those interested:

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lone Star Kettlebell

Being a native Texan and having a newish business in Texas, I thought it fitting to let some of you know the meaning behind the name of my business, "Lone Star Kettlebell."

The Lone Star has always been a prominent feature upon the Texas flag. From its ties to Mexico to its independence and to its eventual statehood, the single star on the banner has proved to be a steadfast fixture in the hearts and minds of Texans, giving it the nickname, "Lone Star State."

The Lone Star itself stands for 5 characteristics, represented by each point on the star, that each Texan should strive to achieve and live by:

Courage - Moral Courage, Mental Courage, and Physical Courage
Righteousness and Moral Integrity

The Lone Star also stands for, in my own mind, a certain rogue or maverick mindset (probably going back to the early pioneer days) that comes with the training territory I've embarked upon. It always seems, as RKC's or "kettlebellers" or power lifters or just plain strength enthusiasts, we are on the outer rim of the "fitness" world. Don't get me wrong though...I like it out here! I'd rather be out here, because this is where the results happen, where new ground is broken and where iron sharpens iron.

These are characteristics I strive for in the small business that I'm a part of. The last part of the name, "Kettlebell," purely represents my training philosophy. The kettlebell has arrived on my doorstep as one of the most useful training tools to ever grace the training room floor. The Hard Style philosophy of kettlebell training, championed by Pavel and the elite group within the RKC community, encompasses much of the way I teach my clients and train myself which has become a huge part of my life and an awesome part at that!

So, there's a little Texas trivia and personal business history for ya!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The New Gym!!!

Alrighty, so here's some pics of the new place...Let me know what you guys think!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Homemade GHR and Reverse Hyper

So I've been tinkering with a good makeshift GHR and I think I'm sticking with this idea until we can build one or buy one. It also makes for a good Reverse Hyperextension, Roman Chair Ab Machine and Back Extension.

Glute Ham Raise w/ 26lb Kettlebell

Tools Needed: 1,000 lb tire, 1 Barbell, 2 100 lb plates, 3 exercise mats, 1 velcro strap, strong hamstrings are also useful

Reverse Hyper w/ 20 lb Med Ball held by feet:

Great accessory work in conjunction with heavy dead lifts and heavy squats.

I just bought a trap bar for dead lifts and tried it out today for the first time. I pulled 610 lbs. There's not much more room on the bar for weight, but I'm going to figure out how to tap that thing out and pull it. It's a much easier groove than the barbell, so it'll be a good component for my heavy dead lift program.

Hopefully we'll be in the new warehouse this week. Just some minor details to take care of and we're there. Pics to follow!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Gym!!!

So lots has been goin' on in the world of Lone Star Kettlebell. We're moving to a new warehouse and will hopefully have everything ready for the big move by this weekend. The new space is going to double the training space we've been used to. We won't know what to do!
The existing wall, balcony, and staircase gotta come down.

No more wall, balcony or staircase!

Everything loaded for the dump. Now it's time to get this place ready for blood, sweat and tears!

Training has been going excellent. I've been hitting all the numbers I planned for my power lifting cycle and it's been challenging.

Monday I hit a first: 500 lb Dead Lift for 3 consecutive reps. The accessory work has been good too. I've rigged a makeshift GHR out of a barbell, 2-100 lb plates, some excercise mats and my huge tire. It works pretty good and I get a full extension which is what I need.

The new warehouse is going to be aweseome! The folks with CrossFit South Plains are going to continue to join me in the new space, so I'm pumped about that!

Can't wait until we get things moved and organized!

Monday, April 13, 2009

1st Day of Power Lifting Cycle

Today was the first day of an 8-week training cycle. Here's how it went down:

Dead Lift - Worked up to a 5-rep work set.
80% of 555 = 445

Pulled in a sumo stance today for the first time in quite a while. I haven't tried to pull heavy in the sumo stance in probably 2 years. It felt unusually good today. The 5-rep work set went down with great form and speed. I used some knee sleeves which I'll use on my dead lift and squat days. The net effect is that my knees stay warm and knee caps stay in the right place. Felt great!

Assistance Lifts
Circuit the following - 3x5

Modified GHR - Body Weight
Heavy Double KB Swings - (2) 48kg
Single Leg Dead Lift - 185 lbs.

Abs - 3x10

Band Pushdowns - Green Band
Straight Arm Cable Pushdowns - ~ 50 lbs.

The GHR's are done with my knees on the floor and a training partner holding my ankles down. It's not the best, but it's still an extreme contraction in the hamstrings. Good enough for now. The real thing will have to wait until the budget can afford it....unless anyone out there wants to give me an early birthday present???? Hint, Hint!! Here's a pic if you need to know what they look like...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Plan...Power Lifting!!!

My web-presence has been less than stellar lately. Not really because of any particular reason other than I think I appreciate updating on all the blog fodder and forums all at once rather than a day-to-day routine.

My KB classes have been rocking since I’ve changed the format. People are getting stronger, leaner, more flexible and in better condition than they ever thought possible. Great efforts = Great results and that’s what these people are putting in and getting out.

I’m in a transition training-wise as I’m planning to enter a power lifting meet on June 6. Starting Monday, I have 8 weeks until the meet so I’ve been tinkering with my program. It’ll definitely be a juggling act with teaching, but I feel up to it for a couple months.

Here’s the current stats:

Current weight – 188 (in the morning)
Planned weight class/division – Unequipped 181

My current lifts are:
Dead Lift – 555 (pulled conventional at TSC last Saturday)
Squat – 445 (tested Monday – medium stance)
Bench – 295 (tested Tuesday)

I haven’t squatted or benched since last summer, so I’ve got some work to do. With some specificity and a little volume, I think I’ll get there.

My ultimate goals in the unequipped division are:

Squat – 550
Bench – 350
DL – 600

This is unrealistic with the amount of time I have to train, but I’m going to push as hard as I can for 8 weeks.

The template will look like this:

Monday – Dead Lift
Wednesday – Bench
Friday – Squat

Week 1 – 80% - Work up to 5 rep max (RM)
Week 2 – 90% - 3RM
Week 3 – 100% - 1-3RM
Week 4 – Deload
Week 5 – 85% - 5RM
Week 6 – 95% - 3RM
Week 7 – 105% - 1RM
Week 8 – Rest and lift on Saturday
(%’s will be based off recent 1RM’s, not goals)

My assistance lifts will consist of: 3-4 Sets of 5-8 Reps of…Make-shift GHR, Heavy Double Kettlebell Swings, Heavy Single Leg Dead Lifts, Heavy Triceps Work (Close Grip BP, Weighted Dips, etc.). I’ll throw some sled dragging and some recovery work with the classes as well.

This plan isn’t based off of anything I’ve ever tried before leading into a meet. I’m just trying to minimize the volume to a lesser frying-point with my CNS. I tend to get burned out easily with a more traditional West Side approach, so we’ll see how this works out.

I’ll try to keep these workouts updated so I’ll have a record.

Thanks goes out to Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader for the advice on this program. Good luck on your upcoming meet!

Monday, April 6, 2009

TSC Results

Finally getting around to posting the results....sorry everyone!

Everybody did great at this TSC and I am very proud of all the competitors and I know their best was left in the gym on Saturday! Couldn't ask for better!

Here's how everyone did:

Female - Novice

Amber Bolen
Body Weight - 136
Dead Lift - 225
Pull Up - 0
KB Snatch - 117

Kara Marshall
Body Weight - 148
Dead Lift - 215
Pull Up - 0
KB Snatch - 113

Male - Novice

Anthony Furgeson
Body Weight - 240
Dead Lift - 385
Pull Up - 1
KB Snatch - 124

Male - Open

David Spriggs
Body Weight - 265
Dead Lift - 470
Pull Up - 2
KB Snatch - 109

Terrel McReynolds
Body Weight - 165
Dead Lift - 405
Pull Up - 26
KB Snatch - 110

Male - Elite

Jason Marshall
Body Weight - 193
Dead Lift - 555
Pull Up - 15
KB Snatch - 96

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tactical Strength Challenge - April 4th!!!

Lone Star Kettlebell will be hosting its 3rd Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) on April 4, 2009.

Weigh-ins will begin at 3pm with lifting to begin shortly after.

If you haven't participated in one of these, then you need to get out that Saturday and experience a little competitiveness.

There's 3 events:

Dead Lift - Maximum weight for 1 repetition (you get 3 attempts)

Pull Ups - Maximum repetitions without letting go of the bar

Kettlebell Snatch Test - Maximum repetitions for 5 minutes

There's some different rules for males vs females and they've added a Novice division this year as well.

I'll also be including a division for anyone who doesn't feel comfortable doing all 3 events or participating withing the confines of the rules. This division won't be reported for the overall results, but it's included so everyone can compete, participate and push themselves a little bit.

If your free that day, come on out and try it out or be a cheerleader!

Entry fee is free, so you've got nothing to lose.

For more info, check out

Here's a vid from the last TSC I hosted:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update On Workshop

I'm sorry to have to post this so late in the game, but
I'm going to have to postpone the upcoming workshop
scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2009.

A personal conflict with my wife's family has come up this
weekend and I will have to reschedule the workshop for a later

I appreciate everyone's interest in the event and hope to
have your attendance during the next one.

Thanks again and I hope to see or hear from you soon!


Jason Marshall, RKC
Lone Star Kettlebell

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Goal Bested!

Checked off another goal yesterday and tried again today to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

Tear A Full Deck Of Cards In Half

54 Cards, Including 2 Jokers

They were cheap cards and the tears weren't pretty and straight, but there's two halves and I did it with my own two hands.

Now I need to perfect this skill so that it looks like I sent the deck through a paper cutter. That might deserve a video.

Anywho...pretty stoked about this one.

I started with 20 cards back in October and worked my up a little at a time.


For those of you who are close to Lubbock, Texas...

The Jeff O'Connor, SRCK Workshop is almost here!

Get in on the action now and sign up!

It WILL be the BEST kettlebell workshop to EVER hit this area.

Sign up here NOW!

Extended Early Bird Discount

Contact me, Jason Marshall, RKC at:

806 773-3735 or

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

40kg Bottoms Up Press and an Extra

FINALLY!!! Here's the video. Man, I'm having a hard time keeping up my web-presence. I've had a bit of an obstacle thrown my way in the form of a "fire wall" at my day job.

No checking the forums.

No checking the blog.

No reading articles.


It sucks, but I'll make it.

Here's the vid! I'd already hit this twice earlier in the week. Now I've got to work on the left hand.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Training Goal Achieved and Supper

It's the second week of February.

Where are you in terms of your goals?

I've been incrementally training the bottoms up press and have achieved one of my Strength Goals:

40kg Bottom's Up Press
Body weight was 185.

I didn't have a camera and I was by myself, but I'll try it again later this week and post a vid.

I'm training to improve my explosiveness while my body weight is down, so I'm going to see what the jumping ability is this week as well.

I tested my 40, 100m and 400m three weeks ago, so I might see where those are at right now. My times really sucked the first time around, so all I can do is go up.

Here were my times:

40 - 4.85
100m - 12.05
400m - 65.8

Uggghhh!!! The legs weren't moving like they used to, that's for sure!

On to supper. Here's a typical supper meal when I get home and cook after I chug my post-workout shake.

Spinach Salad:
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Cut Strawberries
Feta Cheese Crumbles (Not too much)
Almond Slices
Low Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette

Steamed Broccoli:
Fresh Raw Broccoli
Cooked in a Zip lock Steam Bag

Cubed New York Strip:
New York Strip - Cubed
Pan Seared in Olive Oil
Seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash

Large Glass of Water

Friday, February 6, 2009

Discount Extension!!!

So I've been sick AS A DOG this week.

Because of this, I've decided to push
the deadline out for the first registration
deadline for the Jeff O'Connor, SRKC
Kettlebell Workshop.

The new deadline is:

February 13th @ 5pm.

This INCREDIBLE workshop will be priced
as folwows until the deadline.

Morning - Kettlebell Basics: $100
Afternoon - Kettlebell Application: $100
Full Day: $175 - BEST VALUE!!!

Extended Early Bird Discount

Contact me at:

806 773-3735

More info can be found at:

I hope to be hearing from you soon!

Don't forget the new discount WILL expire
February 13 @ 5pm.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sweet Deal I Forgot To Tell You About!!!!

So I forgot to tell you about a deal I worked out for the
Jeff O'Connor, SRKC Workshop on March 7.

The first 3 people to sign up for the FULL DAY will
receive a FREE Functional Movement Screen.

You will experience the screening process popularized
by Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS and RKC. Find
out where your imbalances and weaknesses are and
learn some corrective strategies to help balance you out.


The first 6 people to sign up will receive a FREE T-Shirt!!!

So get it on this early to maximize your experience!

I hope to hear from you soon!

In Strength and Health,

Jason Marshall, RKC
806 773-3735

Extended Early Bird Discount

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC - Kettlebell Workshop!!!

Clear Your Calendars!

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

What: Jeff O’Connor, SRKC Kettlebell Workshop presented by Lone Star Kettlebell.

Location: Lubbock, TX

Contact: with any questions.

A Super Early Bird Discount will be offered UNTIL FEBRUARY 6, 2009 @ 5PM. So get in early while the price is right and space is available!!!

Extended Early Bird Discount

This event will be divided into two halves. However, you may attend both if you choose to do so.

The first half (9am – 1pm) will cover kettlebell basics (Swing, Get Up, Clean, Press, Squat and Snatch) with an added bonus (if time permits) for advanced kettlebell drill instruction (Windmill, Viking Push Press, Clean and Jerk, Pistol, Bent Press).

The second half (1:30pm – 5pm) will cover kettlebell applications in youth athletic development. This will be geared towards coaches and fitness professionals looking to improve their instructional skills as well as the performance and durability of their athletes.

About Mr. O’Connor:

Jeff is one of the leading experts in the country in youth athletic development and is on the cutting edge of implementing the kettlebell in his programs.

Jeff is a 4-Year Veteran of the US Navy, a 2-Time Oklahoma Strongest Man, The 2001 Winner of North America's Strongest Man in the 275lb Division (NASS), A Certified Fire Department Fitness Instructor and One of 9 Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructors in the WORLD!!! He is also a Level 1 Youth Fitness Instructor through the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association) and a CK-FMS (Certified Kettlebell - Funtional Movement Specialist).

Mr. O'Connor has invested his time as a career firefighter, a youth athletic development coach and a Senior RKC. His primary training focus as an instructor is on the athletic development of children and adolescents; teaching the SKILLS of strength, coordination, mobility, agility, and flexibility at the proper stages of development.

Details for this EXCLUSIVE workshop will be coming soon. Space will be limited! So be on the lookout for upcoming posts!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at or call 806 773-3735.

Thanks for your time and you'll be hearing from me soon!

In Strength and Health,

Jason Marshall, RKC
Lone Star Kettlebell
806 773-3735

Remember....The Super Early Bird Discount will end on February 6, 2009 @ 5pm!!!

Extended Early Bird Discount

Monday, January 19, 2009

Training Goals for 2009

In no particular order....just yet. Just wanted to get them down for accountability. I'm in the middle of prioritizing these and laying down the ground work for a plan on the ones I'm tackling first.


Dead Lift 600 lbs.
Complete The Beast Challenge
Bottoms Up Press 40kg
Bend The Red Nail
COC #2 w/ Both Hands
Rip A Full Deck Of Cards In Half
Tear The Lubbock Yellow Pages In Half...The Right Way


Box Jump 65"
Dunk A Basketball
Test and Improve - 40m, 100m, 400m Dashes


SSST - 220 Reps
Finish USSST
80 Sets of 8 w/ 16kg - Vo2Max
1,000 Swings - 24kg Under 1 Hour
Complete 300 Challenge Under 20 Minutes


Increase Body Weight To 200+ lbs.
Drop Body Fat To Single Digits

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Warrior Diet Conclusions:

So I've been at it for 58 days. My body and mind are used to the Warrior Diet routine and I honestly don't crave to eat anything until late in the afternoon and early evening. Here's my findings during my experience.

Starting Weight: 196 lbs.
Today's Weight: 182 lbs.

Starting Waist Measurement: 33.5"
Today's Waist Measurement: 31"

Starting Body Fat %: 13%
Today's Body Fat %: 15%
(This data is a bit confusing to me, but here's my thoughts on it. I use a home scale with a bioelectrical impedance function to measure my body fat %, which is known to be inaccurate w/in several % points. Over the course of the diet, I noticed there wasn't much change in what the scale said in terms of body fat %, but my clothes were fitting different, specifically jeans and I could definitely tell a difference in the mirror around my waist line, specifically around my belly button, above the hips and along the obliques. My abs were becoming more defined and the "love handles" were disappearing. My thought is that due to the survival mechanism being turned on, my body may have tried to hang on to the body fat, especially the intra-abdominal fat I already had. I'm not sure on this one, but it's all I can think of because I definitely put the work in.)

In conclusion, I would recommend to anyone to try this out if it's okay with their doctor. It's worth it to feel like you're earning your supper every night.

I'm going into a different phase with different goals, so WD may not jive too well with what I want to accomplish, but I'm definitely going to keep it in my bag of tricks.

Here's an answer to a question I received from one of my clients about WD.

Question From My Client: I am reading about the warrior diet online, so has everything I have been taught, is that all wrong?

My Answer: Not wrong, just different. Everyone is unique in that they respond differently to different diet plans. The Warrior Diet worked for me. It fit with my schedule and once I got passed the hunger pangs of the first week, I actually enjoyed it. I just weighed in and my Body Fat % didn't reflect what I'm seeing in the mirror and how my clothes fit. But I feel better, my clothes are falling off of me and the abdominal fat I used to have seems to be gone.

There's so many different schools of thought on how and what to eat. WD just eliminates all of it and says, "eat like a caveman would've". They didn't have many choices and were in excellent shape. Also, the WD idea comes from ancient Roman soldiers who were required to march for 20-30 miles per day carrying half their body weight in weapons and gear. They marched all day, maybe fought an ambush or two, killed and gathered their supper and ate 1 BIG meal at night so they'd sleep well, feel rested the next day to march and fight again. These men are also considered to be some of the strongest humans, pound-for-pound, that have ever walked the earth. They only weighed 160-180 on average, so they were small men too.

My advice is to eat with a purpose. Don't live to eat, eat to live. If you have goals, your diet has to be in line with them or you're just half-ass'n it. No matter what plan you decide to do, stick with it for at least 60-90 days so you can see if it works. I just did WD for 58 days and loved the results. Hope this answered some of your questions.

P.S. Don't let me or anyone else convince you that one way of doing things or one way of thinking is better than another. Do your homework, ask questions, test it and see for yourself. It's much more rewarding that way, plus you can see if works for YOU.