Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dead Lift Experiment

After a week of corrections after Level II, I’m feeling pretty good. So I decided to start a base program to prepare me for my upcoming lifting cycle. My next planned PL meet is October 17th which puts me 15 weeks out.

I figure a short 3-4 week building phase will be appropriate.

Yesterday was dead lift day and I was excited to use some tips I got from Level II. Andrea DuCane, MRKC, Kenneth Jay, MRKC and Pavel all gave me some good pointers.

This program calls for a repetition max at a certain percentage of my 1-Rep Max. After the 1st 2 planned sets and reps, my all-out set called for 5 “or more” reps at 425.

I used Pavel’s advice using the goblet squat/front raise focusing on smooth and fluid transition while keeping correct spinal/hip alignment.

I also used the tips from Andrea and Kenneth where I focus my eyes before and during the lift. As I reached down to grab the bar, I kept my head neutral with my eyes looking at a spot down on the horizon about a foot off the floor. As soon as the bar broke from the ground I kept my head neutral, but looked up towards the ceiling.

Another tip picked up through Level II was keeping my face and neck as relaxed as possible.

I had a client watch the set and he said it was the most fluid, effortless looking lifts he’d ever seen me do. The weight looked and felt like a feather.

I ended up pulling 11 consecutive reps with a couple left in the tank. A predicted 1RM of ~580.

The techniques will definitely help as I feel fresh and ready for another day even after such a difficult set.


On another note, I finally got my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers in yesterday! Black KSO’s and they feel awesome! I’m really looking forward to training in them!

Since the recent discovery of my weak feet and ankles, I’m hoping to have a few aspects of my training dramatically improve with these funky-looking foot-gloves.


Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

Thanks for sharing Jason! I'll have to put these into practice.

Jason Marshall said...

No problem Sean! I think this works great for anyone, no matter the skill-level. It's really helping my clients as well.

Take One Stripper Pole said...

I got mine in lilac ... yes I am a girl! Think they will laugh at me at the SD RKC? I am loving them.

Jason Marshall said...

I think someone will laugh no matter what when you've got "monkey shoes" on. They still make for a good conversation starter. Have your elevator speech ready!

You assisting in SD?