Sunday, September 27, 2009

TSC - Fall 2009

I hosted my 4th Tactical Strength Challenge this weekend. David Kliewer of Yukon, OK drove the 5 hours down to Lubbock to compete which motivated me to give it a go.

I wasn't sure about competing since I just completed my 3rd wave of 5/3/1 last week. Here's how things went:

David Kliewer - Open Class - 180 lbs Bodyweight
Deadlift - 495 - Good, 515 - Miss, 515 - Miss
Pull Up - 22 reps
5 min. Snatch - 24kg - 130 reps

Jason Marshall - Elite Class - 187.5 lbs Bodyweight
Deadlift - 495 - Good, 535 - Good, 565 - Good
Pull Up w/ 10kg - 15 reps
5 min. Snatch - 32kg - 80 reps

Thanks to David for coming all the way down! He did a great job!

My last wave of 5/3/1 went really well. I hit good reps at my prescribed weights and I feel like I'm making good progress. The best part is, physically, I'm feeling extremely well. No aches, pains, soreness, even a hint of overtraining. That goes to show how setting out to follow a long-term program and actually sticking to it can give a positive training effect.

Here's my numbers from week 3 of my 3rd wave:

Double KB Press - 2-40kg - 3 reps
Deadlift - 495 - 11 reps
Bench Press - 270 - 7 reps
Squat - 400 - 10 reps

Next week is a back-off week, but I'm going to also use it as Week 1 of a 2-week mini-peaking cycle before another back-off week to prep for the meet on Oct. 17.

All I'm planning on doing is including some overloading in the lock-out position of the Squat, Bench and Deadlift...just to feel the heavy weight. That's the only problem with 5/3/1...Trying to figure out how to peak for a meet.

So, I'll perform my back-off week reps, but finish off with heavy lockouts (probably close to where I think I am with my 1 rep max). I'll see how it goes and figure out the next week from there.

Either way, I feel strong, fresh and healthy and I guess that's all I can ask for whether or not I'm hitting PR's. That's a blessing in itself.


Franz Snideman said...

Huge number Jason! Congratulations!!

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Franz! Wasn't planning on competing that day, but suprised myself!