Wednesday, March 10, 2010

RKC Team Leader!

Well, the official word is out. The Chief Instructor, Pavel,

announced promotions within the RKC ranks and I was

promoted to RKC Team Leader!

So what does this mean?

Well, here’s the description of an RKC Team Leader off

the Dragon Door site:

“The position of RKC Team Leader is by invitation only.

The RKC Team Leader has displayed consistently strong

teaching skills over a number of years and demonstrates a

very high level of physical skill in their kettlebell practice. RKC

Team Leaders teach on a limited basis at the RKC instructor


To make rapid gains in strength, power, flexibility and athletic

performance seek out an RKC Team Leader in your area today!”

So, I’m now part of a small group within the group that will act

as instructors for future instructors. On top of that, I will be able to

continue to expand my knowledge of strength, mobility, conditioning

and understanding of the human body.

This is such a great honor and very humbling for me. You may not

grasp the magnitude of it, but it’s like picking out the top 50 coaches

in Division 1 College Football and having them teach all the current

up-and-coming coaches to get better in their practice of coaching.

So the group I’m included with is more or less STACKED!

So there’s the big announcement. I will do my best to uphold the

standards that have been set before me. And I hope to see and

work with you in the future!


fawn said...

Congratulations, but no surprise. You are a class act Jason. Hope our paths cross regularly... including Raw Unity. I'll bring Aaron next year.

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Fawn! You're not too shabby yourself! Looking forward to more meets and seeing you and Aaron!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Jason. I was glad to hear it.