Saturday, May 31, 2008

Short Week

This week was a short one. I took Monday off for Memorial Day to get some yard work and other things done around the house. Lots of cook outs and good times on a 3-day weekend!

Week 2 of the Mini Cycle
Tuesday 5-27
Floor Press
Worked up to 270 - 6x2

Close Grip Flat Bench w/ Chains

Cable Triceps Extension

4 Rounds of the following w/ Double 24kg KBs:
Swings - 5
Cleans - 5
Snatches - 5

Thursday 5-29
Pin Pulls from 3rd Pin (Below knee ~ 2-3 inches)
Worked up to 515 - 5x2
1st 4 sets were conventional stance and 5th set was sumo.

Box Squat w/ KB's attached to chains

Played around w/ Banded-Chain box squats w/ KB's attached to chains. This was a lot of fun and the effect is pretty cool!

Weighted Pull Ups w/ Chains

Single Leg/Single Hand Dead Lift w/ 48kg KB
3x5 L/R - opposite hand holding KB from Dead Lift leg
These were awesome! Lots of focus/tension!

That was it! Short week and kept it basic. Probably need some conditioning work and planned on some VO2 Snatches, but they'll have to wait.

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