Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back to Training

After a week and a half hiatus, I'm back into the swing of things. I started back yesterday like I hadn't missed a beat. I was worried the break would cause more of a delayed start, but I actually felt stronger than before the vacation. We went to the Baltimore/D.C. area and Northern Virginia to visit family and attend my cousin David's wedding. The trip was great, but very hot and humid.

The last month or so, I've concentrated on more basic movements. I'll continue on with the theme for the next few weeks with an emphasis on building more strength.

Yesterday's work:

24kg - 5/5
32kg - 2x3/3
40kg - 2x2/2
48kg - 3x1 Right (These felt unusually easy and were very clean. Form was as strict as a 24kg)
48kg - 3x1 Left (I failed on the first 2...iso work....managed to get the 3rd fairly strict with a little bit of a push press) The left will just have to catch up, I guess.
40kg - 2x2/2

Pistol Squat - Partials w/ 20" box
16kg - 5/5
24kg - 3/3
32kg - 2/2
40kg - 2/2
48kg - 2/2

Pistol Squat - Full Reps
16kg - 3/3
24kg - 1/1
32kg - 1/1
40kg - Right - 1, Left - Fail (my left is still lagging, but has a 1,000% improvement since the 1st of the year)
40kg - Right - 1
25lb Plate - 3x3/3

Assorted 1-Arm Swings and Snatches for time.

Warm Up w/ Double C&P and Front Squat to get the blood flowing.

Weighted Pull Ups
12kg - 2x5
28kg - 2x1
32kg - 3x1
12kg - 2x5

Superset w/ Lawnmower Rows w/ Double 32kg.

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