Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jeff O'Connor, Senior RKC - Kettlebell Workshop!!!

Clear Your Calendars!

When: Saturday, March 7, 2009

What: Jeff O’Connor, SRKC Kettlebell Workshop presented by Lone Star Kettlebell.

Location: Lubbock, TX

Contact: with any questions.

A Super Early Bird Discount will be offered UNTIL FEBRUARY 6, 2009 @ 5PM. So get in early while the price is right and space is available!!!

Extended Early Bird Discount

This event will be divided into two halves. However, you may attend both if you choose to do so.

The first half (9am – 1pm) will cover kettlebell basics (Swing, Get Up, Clean, Press, Squat and Snatch) with an added bonus (if time permits) for advanced kettlebell drill instruction (Windmill, Viking Push Press, Clean and Jerk, Pistol, Bent Press).

The second half (1:30pm – 5pm) will cover kettlebell applications in youth athletic development. This will be geared towards coaches and fitness professionals looking to improve their instructional skills as well as the performance and durability of their athletes.

About Mr. O’Connor:

Jeff is one of the leading experts in the country in youth athletic development and is on the cutting edge of implementing the kettlebell in his programs.

Jeff is a 4-Year Veteran of the US Navy, a 2-Time Oklahoma Strongest Man, The 2001 Winner of North America's Strongest Man in the 275lb Division (NASS), A Certified Fire Department Fitness Instructor and One of 9 Senior Russian Kettlebell Instructors in the WORLD!!! He is also a Level 1 Youth Fitness Instructor through the IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association) and a CK-FMS (Certified Kettlebell - Funtional Movement Specialist).

Mr. O'Connor has invested his time as a career firefighter, a youth athletic development coach and a Senior RKC. His primary training focus as an instructor is on the athletic development of children and adolescents; teaching the SKILLS of strength, coordination, mobility, agility, and flexibility at the proper stages of development.

Details for this EXCLUSIVE workshop will be coming soon. Space will be limited! So be on the lookout for upcoming posts!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at or call 806 773-3735.

Thanks for your time and you'll be hearing from me soon!

In Strength and Health,

Jason Marshall, RKC
Lone Star Kettlebell
806 773-3735

Remember....The Super Early Bird Discount will end on February 6, 2009 @ 5pm!!!

Extended Early Bird Discount

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BJ Bliffert said...

People are silly if they don't come to this!!