Monday, January 19, 2009

Training Goals for 2009

In no particular order....just yet. Just wanted to get them down for accountability. I'm in the middle of prioritizing these and laying down the ground work for a plan on the ones I'm tackling first.


Dead Lift 600 lbs.
Complete The Beast Challenge
Bottoms Up Press 40kg
Bend The Red Nail
COC #2 w/ Both Hands
Rip A Full Deck Of Cards In Half
Tear The Lubbock Yellow Pages In Half...The Right Way


Box Jump 65"
Dunk A Basketball
Test and Improve - 40m, 100m, 400m Dashes


SSST - 220 Reps
Finish USSST
80 Sets of 8 w/ 16kg - Vo2Max
1,000 Swings - 24kg Under 1 Hour
Complete 300 Challenge Under 20 Minutes


Increase Body Weight To 200+ lbs.
Drop Body Fat To Single Digits

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