Monday, February 9, 2009

Training Goal Achieved and Supper

It's the second week of February.

Where are you in terms of your goals?

I've been incrementally training the bottoms up press and have achieved one of my Strength Goals:

40kg Bottom's Up Press
Body weight was 185.

I didn't have a camera and I was by myself, but I'll try it again later this week and post a vid.

I'm training to improve my explosiveness while my body weight is down, so I'm going to see what the jumping ability is this week as well.

I tested my 40, 100m and 400m three weeks ago, so I might see where those are at right now. My times really sucked the first time around, so all I can do is go up.

Here were my times:

40 - 4.85
100m - 12.05
400m - 65.8

Uggghhh!!! The legs weren't moving like they used to, that's for sure!

On to supper. Here's a typical supper meal when I get home and cook after I chug my post-workout shake.

Spinach Salad:
Fresh Spinach
Fresh Cut Strawberries
Feta Cheese Crumbles (Not too much)
Almond Slices
Low Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette

Steamed Broccoli:
Fresh Raw Broccoli
Cooked in a Zip lock Steam Bag

Cubed New York Strip:
New York Strip - Cubed
Pan Seared in Olive Oil
Seasoned w/ Mrs. Dash

Large Glass of Water


Aaron Friday said...

Man, I eat like a pig compared to that! No wonder I'm getting fat.

Congrats on the awesome press. That amazes me.

Carl Sipes said...

Strong work with the press!