Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Gym!!!

So lots has been goin' on in the world of Lone Star Kettlebell. We're moving to a new warehouse and will hopefully have everything ready for the big move by this weekend. The new space is going to double the training space we've been used to. We won't know what to do!
The existing wall, balcony, and staircase gotta come down.

No more wall, balcony or staircase!

Everything loaded for the dump. Now it's time to get this place ready for blood, sweat and tears!

Training has been going excellent. I've been hitting all the numbers I planned for my power lifting cycle and it's been challenging.

Monday I hit a first: 500 lb Dead Lift for 3 consecutive reps. The accessory work has been good too. I've rigged a makeshift GHR out of a barbell, 2-100 lb plates, some excercise mats and my huge tire. It works pretty good and I get a full extension which is what I need.

The new warehouse is going to be aweseome! The folks with CrossFit South Plains are going to continue to join me in the new space, so I'm pumped about that!

Can't wait until we get things moved and organized!


Jennifer said...

Congratulations, Jason!

Sandy Sommer, RKC said...

Very nice my friend. Glad to hear and see how well you are doing!

Phil Scarito said...


Awesome brother. Glad to see everything is going well. There is so much you can do with all that space. I would have to mortgage my house for something that big in Philly.

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Jen and Sandy!


It's like 2,400 square feet, 2 roll top doors, office and bathroom. We're building a massive pullup bar right now and then we'll be able to move everything over.

Nice vide on Utube by the way! Way to go on the bull dog!

Carl Sipes said...

Congrats Jason...gotta like more space to play in!

Sean Schniederjan RKC said...

Congrats Jason...more space to inflict more pain!!

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Carl and Sean! It's gonna be great as soon as we can get things done!