Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Plan...Power Lifting!!!

My web-presence has been less than stellar lately. Not really because of any particular reason other than I think I appreciate updating on all the blog fodder and forums all at once rather than a day-to-day routine.

My KB classes have been rocking since I’ve changed the format. People are getting stronger, leaner, more flexible and in better condition than they ever thought possible. Great efforts = Great results and that’s what these people are putting in and getting out.

I’m in a transition training-wise as I’m planning to enter a power lifting meet on June 6. Starting Monday, I have 8 weeks until the meet so I’ve been tinkering with my program. It’ll definitely be a juggling act with teaching, but I feel up to it for a couple months.

Here’s the current stats:

Current weight – 188 (in the morning)
Planned weight class/division – Unequipped 181

My current lifts are:
Dead Lift – 555 (pulled conventional at TSC last Saturday)
Squat – 445 (tested Monday – medium stance)
Bench – 295 (tested Tuesday)

I haven’t squatted or benched since last summer, so I’ve got some work to do. With some specificity and a little volume, I think I’ll get there.

My ultimate goals in the unequipped division are:

Squat – 550
Bench – 350
DL – 600

This is unrealistic with the amount of time I have to train, but I’m going to push as hard as I can for 8 weeks.

The template will look like this:

Monday – Dead Lift
Wednesday – Bench
Friday – Squat

Week 1 – 80% - Work up to 5 rep max (RM)
Week 2 – 90% - 3RM
Week 3 – 100% - 1-3RM
Week 4 – Deload
Week 5 – 85% - 5RM
Week 6 – 95% - 3RM
Week 7 – 105% - 1RM
Week 8 – Rest and lift on Saturday
(%’s will be based off recent 1RM’s, not goals)

My assistance lifts will consist of: 3-4 Sets of 5-8 Reps of…Make-shift GHR, Heavy Double Kettlebell Swings, Heavy Single Leg Dead Lifts, Heavy Triceps Work (Close Grip BP, Weighted Dips, etc.). I’ll throw some sled dragging and some recovery work with the classes as well.

This plan isn’t based off of anything I’ve ever tried before leading into a meet. I’m just trying to minimize the volume to a lesser frying-point with my CNS. I tend to get burned out easily with a more traditional West Side approach, so we’ll see how this works out.

I’ll try to keep these workouts updated so I’ll have a record.

Thanks goes out to Thomas Phillips, RKC Team Leader for the advice on this program. Good luck on your upcoming meet!


Aaron Friday said...

Good luck, Jason. I'll be happy if you get what you want.

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