Sunday, November 22, 2009

Deadlift Plan

So, after a lot of thought and advice, I've come up with a template of the 1st 4 weeks (which began last week) of what my deadlift cycle will look like leading up to the Raw Unity Meet.

Each week I'll be ramping up intensity and volume for 3 weeks with a slight deload on the 4th.

Mondays will be 5/3/1 Deadlift day followed by accessory work (all pulls from on top of 35# plates).
Tuesdays will be a heavy Rite of Passage day (all cleans and presses done Bottoms Up and pull ups - weighted) followed by heavy swings.
Wednesdays will be GPP: Plate Push, Farmers Carry and Light Snatches
Thursdays will be a page out of Power To The People Pro with 5x5 Wide Stance Box Squats followed by Banded Deadlifts for 8 singles...then accessory work.
Fridays will a light ROP day...again all bottoms up followed a different swing template.
Saturday or Sunday more GPP.

I chose the Bottoms Up Press and Rite of Passage due to the crazy gains I've got from the program and the exercise in the past, but I've never combined the two. The BUP and Weighted Pull Ups transfer well to my deadlift.

The elevated pulls will help with the trouble I've had off the ground with my max attempts in the past. The sumo box squats will hopefully help the same.

Everything else was specifically chosen to build up my weak points and facilitate my readiness for the deadlift.

The second 4 week cycle will most likely look a little different with more high-percentage pulls.

Finally, I'll have a 3-week peaking cycle to get ready for the meet.

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