Monday, August 18, 2008

Assistance and Prehab

Worked a little Dead Lift assistance and Prehab today. Corrective Strategies seem to be working their magic while I'm shifting gears to training for the TSC for a few weeks.

Warm Up:
TGU w/ OH Walks and T-Spine/C-Spine Clearing
Half Kneeling Press

Double KB Front Squat
2 - 16kg 5
2 - 24kg 5
2 - 32kg 3x5

Romanian Dead Lift - Off Box
135 5x8

Double KB Swings
3 Rounds starting with the heavy bells and consecutively working my way down to the lighter bells on the top of the minute w/ a minute rest
2 - 32kg x 5
2 - 40kg x 5
2 - 48kg x 5

This got my heart rate up pretty good. The larger bells are hard for a guy like me with short legs, but the dynamics of the hip extension is unreal.

Warm Down w/ Late Class

All w/ 16kg
More TGUs w/ OH Walks and Spinal Rotation - 2 x L/R
(Held each segment for a one second pause)
Kneeling OH Press - 5x5 L/R
Single Leg Dead Lift - 3x15 L/R


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Double 40s and 48s swings .. very strong! And like you said its a challenge with stockier body composition.

I really liked your 16kg cool-down with the FMS corrective exercises. It takes real discipline to work this stuff and you are to be commended!

I finally shot the Front squat video (check out my latest blog entry) I promised for your evaluation. Thanks and take care!

Jason said...

Thanks Franklin! The FMS stuff is really hitting home in a lot of ways for myself as well as my clients. I just checked your vid out....great work!

Franz Snideman said...

Hey Jason, I will put you on my blog links!

Nice job with the double Beast swings....really nice!!!!

Jason said...

I appreciate that Franz! I've been meaning to email you to add you to mine as well. I'll get you on here as well. Thanks!