Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New PR!

PR'd my Conventional Dead Lift Today! Details below...

Last week was a good training week as I'm still working in my FMS corrective strategies. I've been teaching classes virtually everyday, so I'm getting a lot of residual work while I'm demonstrating technique that I sometimes oversee as actual training. I'm trying to be more mindful of this "work" so I can stay fresh for my "real" training sessions.

I've had a little shoulder flare up recently which I'm convinced is due to my funky sleeping positions. I usually sleep on my belly without a pillow, face turned to the side and my arms are overhead in a "goal-post" position. If I'm not in that position, I'm on my side with my shoulder turned in towards my chest with my arm straight in front of me and my head resting on my down shoulder. I'm not sure how to change this, but maybe a mattress change would help? Not sure.

Off to training…

Corrective Strategies Everyday:
Corrective Get Up w/ OH Walks
Wall Sit w/ OH Press
T-Spine Rotation
Windshield Wiper

Thursday - Aug. 21

Dead Lift - Conventional Stance
245 - 8x3 - Double Overhand Thumbless Grip

Single Arm Dead Cleans - 4 Rounds - Went right up the ladder for each set.
24kg - 3/3
36kg - 3/3
48kg - 3/3

Superset w/ BW Pull Ups
5 Each Round

Friday - Aug. 22

KB Dead Lift
48kg 5x5

Suit Case Farmer Carry
36kg 5/5 - 30sec each

Tuesday - Aug. 26

Weighed - 189 lbs.
Dead Lift - Conventional Stance
Worked up to a heavy single
245 1x3
335 1x2
425 1x2
475 1x1
515 1x1
535 1x1 - PR in Conventional Stance!!!! The pull was slow and really made it hard to keep the upper back tight and shoulders sunk, but I locked it out none the less.

Suit Case Farmer Carry
36kg - 3/3 - 30sec each

Double KB Work - Done as a complex

Dead Clean
Front Squat (Reset each clean before front squat)
Renegade Row
Push Up
Dead Lift

2 - 24kg 1x3
2 - 28kg 1x3
2 - 32kg 3x3

Warm Down:
Bottom's Up Tall Kneeling Press
12kg - 2 x 5/5

Half Kneeling Press
12kg - 2 x 5/5


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Congratulations on your new conv DL! It looks like the three days you rested prior to testing your 1RM was a use of great judgment.

I like all your correct strategy drill work and its obviously paying off.

I too have issues sleeping as both my shoulders bother me when I sleep on my sides. I do have a fairly new mattress so it must be all the heavy training I've been doing lately. Hopefully this will eventually sort itself out.

Jason said...

Thanks Franklin! That DL PR was definitely a grind. I won't go heavy again until the TSC. Rest always seems to be the common denominator in my good lifts.

The corrective stuff is awesome! I'm also throwing in the Suit Case Farmer Carries everyday as well as several versions of Planks. I'll do those even on my non-training days.

The last two nights I've forced myself to start sleeping on my back. I haven't really seen a problem or been uncomfortable and I've stayed there for most of the night. My shoulders are feeling better because of it.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Its awesome to see you doing all the auxiliary lifts .. it will continue to payoff.

I too do best when sleeping on my back although occasionally if I am over tired it tends to increase the chance of an apnea issue (waking up choking .. very unpleasant)

Franz Snideman said...


"535 1x1 - PR in Conventional Stance!!!! The pull was slow and really made it hard to keep the upper back tight and shoulders sunk, but I locked it out none the less. "
WOW! you are getting real strong man! Obviously your training is going well!

Good luck in the TSC!!!!

Jason said...

Thanks Franz! I'm definitely figuring some things out about myself. I don't that process will ever cease...hopefully. How boring would that be! Same to you on the TSC!

Gabi said...

Wow, congrats, that's real strong stuff!

I have similar issues with my shoulder and I usually sleep on my side like you describe... I never thought of that as a possible reason, but now that you mention it, it makes sense.

I'll try sleeping on my back a couple of nights, I'm curious what it brings. Thanks for the tip!