Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Challenges and New Roads Ahead!

Seems like things are in overdrive! Training is full speed ahead personally and client-wise. TSC is coming up in a couple weeks then Whitley's workshop a few weeks later in Frisco. One week later, the October RKC in the role of an Assistant Instructor this time, 1 year anniversary of my RKC. (I'm totally humbled and privelged to be on that roster!) Then it's road gear and full throttle for the RKC II next June in St Paul. The requirements are stiffer and the curriculum appears to be better than ever. Once again, a three day knowledge tempest to spend weeks, if not months, digesting post-attendance.

At the same time the circus-like juggling act of work, training, teaching and life will continue to challenge and perplex me which forces maturation and growth like no other. I look forward to the coming months and hope to absorb and apply everything ahead!

Simple training...

Wednesday, Aug 27, 2008

Corrective work:
Farmers Carries
Lots and Lots of Planks
Lots and Lots of Technique Demo

Thursday, Aug 28, 2008

Goof-off day
Worked a pair of 12kg KB's for about 40 minutes. I have no idea how many reps of everything I did, but I switched doubles and singles at will. I just did what ever came to mind. Alone in my thoughts.

Two Arm Swings
H2H Swings
Double Swings
Single Hand Juggling
Double KB Juggling
Bottoms Up Press
Bottoms Up See Saw Press
Bottoms Up Stacked KB Press
Iron Cross
Double Snatches
Double Alternating Snatches
COC Grippers: Trainer, #1 and #2

This was a nice mindless workout. Nothing more, nothing less.


Carl Sipes said...

Jason, sounds like you are really coming into your own as a trainer, business owner, person....everything! Awesome job! I have a question and I think I already know the answer. I wanted to know if you would recommend the RKC II or the CK-FMS? My guess, from your posts, would be suck it up and take both. Congrats on the assistant team leader position and good luck!

Jason said...

To be honest Carl, I had the same dilemma earlier this year when the CK-FMS was opened for registration. I had planned all along to go to the RKC II, but after reading and researching about the FMS and the benefits, I chose it over the RKC II. I have no doubt I made the right decision when it comes to training clients. This is really the cornerstone to mapping out how you'll train them.

After reading the comments of the debacle at this year's RKC II, I'm glad I put it off. Now the requirements are stiffer and the curriculum is beefed up. If I was on a budget (which I was and am), I would choose CK-FMS. You can still recertify your RKC credentials with the snatch test, so no worries there.

Thanks for the sincere compliments! I see your training taking off to another level as well. Keep it up and keep the posts coming!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Simpler and lighter can be just as effective as pushing the limits and it sounds like your session fit the bill to a tee!

A congratulations on being selected as Assistant RKC for the October cert .. its a great honor and you deserve it!

And have a great Labor Day weekend!