Sunday, August 17, 2008

CK-FMS Week 1 Results…And A Little Dead Lift Workout

The CK-FMS has really opened my eyes. (Not that I wasn't concerned about certain things that my clients were showing me before in their performance.) I just didn't know exactly what to do about it. With the new tools of the CK-FMS, I have a clear road map to follow with each individual.

To explain further, I have a client who scored a 16 on the initial screen (which is pretty good…2 points above average). When he came back the day after we screened we worked on the assessment versions of the TGU and the Single Leg DL. After a few reps each with and without resistance I noticed a big ankle mobility issue which didn't really bare its fangs on the FMS. We went straight into a series of corrective strategies and tried the Single Leg DL again. The client went from dead lifting off of an 8" box to a full range SL DL with no asymmetries...immediately! I would also assume the bridge portion of the TGU is going to improve as well.

So there's a real world example of how quickly the system can work.

Now a little dead lifting. I haven't had a "real" workout since Monday, Aug. 4, about two weeks ago. All the residual I'm getting from teaching has been nice though as well as the deloading break.

This workout was to see where I was on the dead lift. This showed me my baseline since I haven't pulled since the April Tactical Strength Challenge. After watching the video, I notice some rounding in the upper back, but that usually happens when I go above 90% of 1RMax. I felt unusually good afterward, even now, two days later.

After DL I supersetted weighted pull ups w/ single leg dead lifts and concentrated on tension and form. This got me more worked up than the dead lift workout. Here's the workout broken down.

Warm Up
Wall Sit w/ OH Press
Corrective TGU w/ OH Walk and C-Spine/T-Spine Clearing

Dead Lift
Worked up to 425 Sumo & Conventional
545 - Failed
425 or 82.5% - 3X3 - Last Rep w/ 10 second iso-hold

I worked conventional just because I felt more comfortable there. I've been slowly transitioning to conventional and I'm surprised how awkward sumo feels now.

Weighted Pull Up w/ 10kg
10, 5, 5

Single Leg Dead Lift
24kg - 3x10 L/R

COC Trainer
3x10 L/R


Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Great pulling Jason! And thats for all your help!

You are right in that the sumo 415 pull looked much more difficult than your conventional. I'm looking forward to the day pulling 415 conventional looks as easy as you make it!

One thing I noticed is on the 3x3 is that you always pull mixed with your right hand under. Do you switch it sometimes? I had read in several places that it is recommended to do so.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

I also appreciate the high production quality of your videos including your choice of sound track tunes. What software package have you been using to develop them?

Jason said...

Thanks Franklin! I use Windows Movie Maker. It came with my laptop and it's very easy to use.

As far as grip goes, I switch it up while I'm warming up and when I pull lighter weights (double overhand, doulble underhand, wide grip, alternating grips, thumbless). On heavy pulls I use the alternating grip. Left over, Right under has always been what feels comfortable. I try to do as much as I can with double overhand. Some guys/gals can even use that grip on their max lifts. I've just never been there.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

I also use Movie Maker, I guess I didn't realize it provides a lot more capability than just adding some blue screens with text as titles. In particular I will investigate:

1) how you superimposed text on top of video and
2) how you created your scrolling text intro .. very professional looking

Also, sorry I wasn't clear on my grip question. Specifically, regarding alternating grip I had heard it suggested to switch back and forth between (right-under + left-over) and (left-under + right-over). When I'm at or below 85% 1RM I will switch between the two alternating grips every set but once it gets heavy I stick with the same as you.

Jason said...

There's options to change title, text and screen animations within the Titles and Credits menu option. You can also select whether it's text before a frame or on a selected frame. I just played around with it a lot. You can go back to my first youtube vids and see I've figured out a bit more.

Thanks for the complements!