Wednesday, November 26, 2008

3 Days Of GTG

GTG = Grease The Groove

I know there's a technical definition for this in a training application, but for me it's just do what you want and do it light enough to not over-exert.

Monday, I worked some Bottom's Up Presses after I worked with a class. I really want to hit the 40kg (Bulldog), but it still eludes me.

Team Goblet Squat Ladders (Courtesy of Jeff O'Connor)
24kg - 3x1,2,3,4,5

Bottom's Up Press
28kg - 3x2/2
32kg - 1x1/1
36kg - 1x1 Right, Failed Left
40kg - Good Clean and held it for a bit, 1/2 Pressed and it toppled on me. Soon!!!

Pull Ups

Tuesday, I worked with my late class. Complexes were on the menu with an interesting approach to the TGU.

TGU - 24kg
Pausing at each individual section of the get up.
1:20 on the way up
1:20 on the way down

1 Left and 1 Right = Over 5 minutes for 2 TGU's! This was brutal, but my shoulders felt unreal and fresh afterwards.

Complex - 5x1,2,3
All done 1-arm and switch
Swing, Clean, Squat, Press, Snatch

Then...40 Swings, 30 Rows (15/15), 20 Squats, 10 Burpees

Wednesday, we worked for our Thanksgiving Turkey. Early class 10 Swings on the minute for 40 minutes (400 swings). 2 late classes, 15 swings on the minute for 40 minutes (600 swings). Rest period was mixture of Fast and Loose and whatever we wanted to work on...Pull Ups, Abs, etc. Great workout and it went surprisingly fast.

Bending and tearing worth mentioning: I've ripped around 10 phone books since Monday. One at work went in 6 seconds!! The thing just exploded on my first rip and felt like it just fell apart. I've gone through all of my bag of nails (except for the Reds) and the stock that I'd cut to blue nail length. I've been working 3-6 blue nails/day. Double Overhand, Double Underhand and Reverse with both hands in front. DU and Reverse are finished DO after the initial bend. Blue nails are becoming good practice, so I'm gonna have to go to the hardware store and stock up on some tougher fare. I printed out "How To Bend The Red Nail" today, and I'm looking forward to reading it. I've kinked one, but it's like pushing on a brick wall.


Carl Sipes said...

Nice work kinking a red! I thought the kink was the hardest part. Keep pushin' and it will fall. Look into some drill rod to bridge the gap between the blue and red. It is a little tougher than cold rolled steel and very springy. You can also get it in very small increments. The local hardware store might have it but you can get a very good price from McMaster-Carr on line.

Franklin said...

Great idea to pause at all the TGU intermediate positions .. I will give this a shot.

Also I like the idea of the high volume swings spread over the 40 minutes.

Congratulations on your phone book demolitions .. it would be great to see a video of one these in action.

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm gonna head to the hardware store for some more stock, plus 60 Penny nails and Grade 5 bolts. Looking forward to the new challenges! The gap between Red and Blue is just huge!

Those 2 Get Ups were as brutal as anything I've tried in awhile. I set the GymBoss to 12 second intervals and hit each segment until the beep.

The swings were great. Not too much and not too little. Next we'll bump it to 20 at the top of the minute.

Franz Snideman said...

10 phone books since Monday! Yikes! That is big time.

What is the biggest COC (captain of crush) Gripper you have closed?

Jason Marshall said...

10 phone books...more the parlor trick way, but I've gotten a few the real way about half the size.

I can hit the #1 regularly on both hands for a few reps and the #2 on the right, but the left is hit or miss (maybe 2 or 3 times ever on left).