Thursday, November 13, 2008

Full, Un-Sick Week!

Had a great week training. Hit my goals and made some significant gains. Amidst teaching classes, I feel great about the little successes as time is usually my deal-breaker when getting the workouts in that I've planned.

Monday - 11-10-08

Bottoms Up Press Ladders
2x1,2,3,4,5 w/ 24kg
Superset Each Rung w/
3 - 135lb Barbell Hang Cleans

Green - Reverse Grip (1st try to get the groove - THANKS Adam Glass!!!)
2 - Yellow - Reverse Grip - Very Easy
1 - Yellow - Double Overhand
2 - 60D Nails - Reverse Grip

I'll try to get some vids out there of this for critiquing.

Tuesday - 11-11-08

TGU - 5 mins

Beast Goblet Squat
Bottoms Up - 5x5
Superset w/
Pull Ups - 5x5

Vo2 Max - 40 sets of 8 w/ 16kg

Wednesday - 11-12-08 - With Class

Circuit - :30/:30 - 3x
Double KB Squat Thrust
Double KB Overhead Lockout
Sling Shots

Ab/Low Back Circuit

Thursday - 11-13-08

TGU - 5 mins

Barbell Front Squat - Worked up to:

Superset w/ Barbell Power (Muscle) Cleans

Work w/ Class:

Snatch w/ 24kg - 20/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5 ~ 4 mins.
Push Ups - 10x10
Swing - 40x
Squat - 30x
Swing - 20x
Squat - 10x
Pull Ups - 4x5

More Bending:
2 Yellows, Reverse Grip
1 Yellow, Double Overhand

The nail bending is really coming along. My wrists, thumbs and hands in general are sore as all get out for several hours after a session, but the pain soon goes away. I've been doing all of my bending with the canvas Iron Mind wraps that comes with a bag of nails. From what I've read, this is the most uncomfortable way to bend, but it's suited me fine this far. I'm getting some leather wraps to try that out soon. I'm ready to move up to consistently smashing blue nails, but I'm not quite there yet. I think with consistency, it'll come. Patience is the key with this stuff!

The beauty of the bending/tension work is that my overall strength continues to improve. With the V02 Max training, my stamina and staying power is still there as well. It seems to be a great mix.


Carl Sipes said...

Love to see the bending! Listen to Adam he knows his stuff. The IM pads hurt but will groove your form perfectly. I wish I would have stayed with them longer. I got silly with DO style and thick pads to soon. Big head to soon I guess. I got the Shiny Bastard to 2 7/8" and it froze for a long time. I went back to reverse style and am working on it with both hands in front. I don't think a lot of people do it both ways like that but I can feel a definite difference from side to side so it must be called for to some circumstance. Not trying to preach, just use the info if you like. :-) Keep up the great work!

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Carl!...and thanks for the advice! I've had the bag of nails since around May, but got frustrated really early as the Yellow nails were winning too many battles. My little brother busted my bending kit out a few weeks ago and stuff was just collapsing, so I got my confidence back. I'll definitely start trying reverse with both hands (I like symmetry). I think the IM pads have kept me from getting spoiled, so I'll keep them in the kit. I still haven't gotten leathers, but I can't wait to see the difference!

Phil Scarito said...


Whats up bro? I bought the COC's and I just crushed the 1. I know that is like your warm up, but I felt great. Trying to get the number 2 now. Did you sign up for Level II yet?

Jason Marshall said...

Nice work! The over-crush technique with the #1 will get to the #2 pretty quick. Bottom's Up work too.

I signed up for RKC II when it was first offered with the new curriculum. You?