Thursday, November 6, 2008

Two Good Days = A Good Week For Me!

I had a good two days back to back in training. My sinus/head cold subsided and I was able to actually muster the energy to do something in class instead of just coach.

Wednesday - 11-5-08

Variety Day
Circuits w/ Class :30 Work/:30 Rest = 3X
- Snatch
- Planks
- Box Jumps
- Jump Rope
- See Saw Press
- Dead Lifts

Thursday - 11-6-08

Lift Sumpin' Heavy!

Front Squat
Worked up to singles of:

Power Clean
135 1x5
185 2x3
205 1x3

With Class:
- Team Swings and TGU
- Team Front Squat Ladders - 2X1,2,3,4,5
- Smoker - 3X
Heavy 1-Arm Swings - 5/5 - 40kg
Snatch - 5/5 - 32kg
Heavy 1-Arm Swings - 10/10 - 40kg
Snatch - 5/5 - 32kg



Franklin said...

Nice work on the power cleans and barbell front squats! A 275lb front squat is really strong work!

I recently transitioned to Oly lifts and now know how tough it is. There is no way I could handle it if it wasn't for the all the hardcore KB training.I'm only lifting very light stuff buts its more than enough!

Jason Marshall said...

Thanks Franklin! I thought I'd throw some more barbell work in as I haven't tried it out in a while.

The oly lifts and front squats are feeling good! I hear ya on the KB work giving a good foundation to work off of. It seems the transitions are easier and easier.