Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So I've been a little less than active with my cyber-presence lately. There are many reasons for this…some legit, some not, but they would all sound like excuses to the outside world, so I'll just gut it up and move forward.

First off…WRECK EM TECH!

My alma mater, Texas Tech University, where football reigns king, is on the national charts with a huge win over #1 Texas last Saturday. If you missed it, you missed the game of the year. I couldn't be prouder…BUT, the win means nothing if they get taken down this Saturday against a very talented, determined Oklahoma State team. So stay focused, stay in your zone and beat the hell out of the Cowboys!!! For those interested in football, you don't want to miss this game. It will be a high flying shootout as both offenses have been putting up serious numbers. 7pm Central on ABC.

Secondly…The Election.

In a nutshell, I'm worried. Our society needs to think more like these guys:
"The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people who have become wealthy have become so thanks to work they found profoundly absorbing...The long term study of people reveals that their 'luck' arose from accidental dedication they had to an area they enjoyed."
- Srully Blotnick

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
- Thomas Jefferson

The idea of entitlement will cripple this country.

Finally...On to training:
I've been toying with a new training program to see how I like the combination. Here's what it looks like:

Heavy Clean and Press - Ladder Style
Superset w/ Pull Ups, Barbell Rows or Barbell Hang Cleans

Beast Goblet Squat 5X5
Vo2 Max Day - Started with 40 sets of 8 w/ 16kg - Will work up each week

Goof Off/Variety Day

Heavy Pull or Press Day - Dead Lift, Squat, or Power Clean and Front Squat
Double Swings
Friday - Sunday:
Intermittent bending and grip work throughout the week. I've been hitting yellow nails like they're made of rubber. But the blue nail…not so much.

This schedule works with my training, full-time job, social and marriage life(lives). I think I can get strong and conditioned at the same time with this, so I'm going to test it for awhile. Around the beginning of the year, I'll make my way into a Power lifting mode. I'd like to do another full meet next year…maybe coincide with the TSC and then train the techniques for RKC II.


Kirsten said...

Thought of you during the game ... figured you would be stoked with the outcome! Even if Texas Tech is in the wrong part of the Big 12. :)

Franz Snideman said...

Great quotes on work ethic and entitlement. I hope people don't expect free hand me out from teh Government. We all need to take personal responsibility and accountability for our success or lack of it!

Congratulations on the big Texas Tech win....that is huge!!!!!!!!!!

Jason Marshall said...


Wrong part?!?! Are you a Big 12 North fan? Which team? Now you're just gonna get heckled.... ;-) We're really pumped around here. We've got another huge one this weekend against OSU. It's gonna be a barn-burner!


Thanks for the comments on the quotes! Just a little hacked at all the "I'm owed something for nothing" attitude and wish people would just work hard for what they believe in. Laziness irks me!

Go Red Raiders!!! Wreck Em Tech!!!

Kirsten said...

Ok ... do not laugh. One of my athletes (he introduces me as his white mom) played for CU. He graduated this spring ... but still works in football ops. So I have to stay loyal ... lol.

Actually he just emailed me this morning saying he saw a FMS kit in the athletic training room ... and is super excited.

But yes I admit that was one hell of a win ... great game! Good luck with OSU.