Thursday, February 21, 2008

Awesome Classes!!!

Classes went really well tonight. First Thursday night class I think, but good turnout nonetheless. Eric tore it up on the smoker! Here's the low down...

TGU (Bottom's Up for the hard living types) - 5 min.

Ab/Strength Circuit - Each 1 min. 1-2x
  • Seated Wood Chopper
  • Double KB Cleans
  • Med Ball Slams
  • KB Squats
  • Russian Twists
  • Rest

Smoker - This was goooood!

Set up a line of KBs from small to big. Pick 5 and start swinging the smallest 10, next size 8 and so on until you hit 2. Then hit some elevated push ups for 10. Rinse and repeat.

Eric went solo tonight and hit 5 rounds in 9:20....truly amazing.

Late class hit it 4 rounds in 10:00.....Unbelievable and impressive!!

Everyone is stronger, more muscular, leaner, have improved stamina and near perfect technique. It's been quite a ride...

Next week may be a deload week. Much deserved after 3 hard weeks with consistent progression in intensity and volume. Even as trainer, overtraining must be in the forefront of my mind as a serious possibility for the students.

My work was simple tonight. I kept it simple and easy.

Dead Lift - worked up to 300 (50% of Projected 1RMax) - 5x5 Varied Grips, but not alternating

Weighted Pull Ups - 12kg 5x5 (mainly technique practice for TSC) I suck at these, so I have a long way to go.

Mixed activity in and around classes, so I have no idea what else I did in between.

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Carl Sipes said...

Looks like a great class. Keep it up. That's a pretty strong dead too. Work those pull ups and the TSC will go pretty well for you.