Monday, February 25, 2008

TSC Practice, I Guess

Made an attempt to simulate a day at the TSC. So I pulled heavy, worked some pull ups with a class and did the snatch test during the class' smoker. It was beyond hard to say the least, but prep is going okay. Here's the digs...

Sumo Pin Pull - 2nd Pin
45 -10
135 - 5
245 - 3
335 - 1
425 - 1 (Add Belt)
515 - 1
565 - 1
585 - 1 - PR...I think. I seem to remember back in my hayday that I tried a pin pull at 600, but I was about 20-25 pounds heavier then as well as more used to the heavy training. I'm hovering around 180-185 depending on the day.

Work with class:
Clean and Press w/ Double 32kg, superset with Body Weight Pull Ups
2 Ladders, 5 Rungs

5 Minute Snatch Test w/ 32kg
71 Reps
This sucked worse than anything else. I was suckin' wind for a good 10 minutes afterward.

Solid day overall. Gives me a good feel for what the TSC is all about. I can see the benefit of measuring overall fitness levels with this challenge. It'll be as much or more difficult than a power lifting meet. I don't know that I'll feel as bad there's a silver lining with this type of training.....Glass half full...

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