Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tire Work With Pics

Good classes tonight. Worked the tire with some sledges and got some great feedback. The tire (which we haven't named process) will become a fine addition to the gym and will become a nice little friend that we can beat on.

Here's some pics from tonight's classes...
The KB on the tire is the 48kg "Beast" with my new 60lb Medicine Ball and our friendly sledge hammer. Don't they look cute together?!?! Say cheese guys!!
The last pics are of the finishing smoker which consisted of Swings, Sledges and Vertical Med Ball Toss and Catches. It was nice!!!

My workout was a back off night and I worked some dynamic Dead Lift @ 55% = 330 for 5X5 and did a test on my pull ups to see where I was with the right weight added for the TSC and managed 12 solid reps with 22lbs added. The square tubing at the top of the rack is a bit awkward and a real pull up bar may allow for a few more reps....who knows. Decent night....looking forward to a little break....may play some golf...Back to training hard next week.

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