Friday, September 12, 2008

Day Before TSC

I did some corrective and warm up work today as well as played around with the Jump Stretch Bands a little. Had a good day with the classes. The routine was as hard as it's ever been and couldn't have been more simple.

Warm Up
Z Health NWL1
2 mins of Various Planks
2 mins of Suit Case Farmer Carry

Circuit the following for 10X
Swings - 15x
TGU - 1/1
Burpees - 5x
Planks - 10 sec

I had the fighters used an old trick from an article Pavel wrote for Rock Climbers to strengthen grip....Soapy Swings. We soaped up the hands and KB handles and rotated 2-Hand, 1-Hand and H2H for the circuit. I also had them to the Burpees and Planks with a Jump Stretch Band wrapped around their neck and under their feet. A couple other guys did the Accelerated Eccentric Swings for the whole circuit.

This was a great workout for any level of class and was scalable and tailored to the diverse client base I train. You've got the Program Minimum with a couple Body Weight exercises and "Presto", you've got an efficient yet difficult workout for an entire group of people.

Tomorrow morning I'm hosting my second International Tactical Strength Challenge. I'm looking forward to it and I'm especially interested in the results and who will come out to compete. Good luck to all who are participating!

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Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Hi Jason,

I couldn't wait for your post-TSC blog entry so I'm going to just go and congratulate you right here in your fantastic TSC results!

I'm sure all the corrective work you did recently was responsible in part for your outstanding results.