Sunday, September 14, 2008

TSC Results - 9-13-08

The TSC was a success this weekend. There were 4 competitors including myself. 2 of the guys drove all the way from Edmond, OK (5 hours) to compete. Here's how everyone did:

Andy Tschetler - 22
Body Weight - 187
Open Division
Best Dead Lift - 425
Pull Up - 23
Snatch Test - 136

David Spriggs - 22
Body Weight - 278
Open Division
Best Dead Lift - 445 (PR)
Pull Up - 1
Snatch Test - 94 (PR)

David Kliewer - 23
Body Weight - 189
Open Division
Best Dead Lift - 545 (PR)
Pull Up - 21
Snatch Test - 122

Jason Marshall - 30
Body Weight - 189
Open Division
Best Dead Lift - 550 (PR in Conventional Stance)
Pull Up - 20 (PR)
Snatch Test - 123 (PR)

Here's a video compilation of the event. I'll eventually have a video of each competitor's lifts posted individually. Youtube can be a bit slow on the upload.

My thoughts on the challenge:
I chose to pull all my dead lift attempts in the conventional stance. My natural stance is sumo and I definitely feel I have more leverage in sumo with my body type (My Sumo PR is 565). So conventional is out of my comfort zone, but I'm getting better at it. The attempt at 550 was the slowest pull I've ever done (10 seconds I think). I pulled a callus during that attempt which set my hands up for a day of brutality.

The pull ups were much better this time around. Last TSC I did the pull ups on my fat bar pull up bar on my power rack. My buddy, Kevin Hays, constructed a pull up apparatus that'll hold 5 people. We can now hang rings, heavy bags and ropes. Plus the pull up bar is of a normal diameter. I again pulled another callus on my pull ups. Next up was the snatch.

I knew this was going to be a killer. I hadn't practiced snatches at all for the TSC. Even after slathering my hand and the KB handle with chalk, the skin on my hands peeled back like the rind on an orange. At the end of the day the callus pull and blister tally was up to six. I was sort of happy with my results (PR in this test), but I was disappointed in my conditioning. I'll be working on this very soon...can you say Vo2 Max?

All in all, it was a good day. I really enjoyed hanging out with the guys that participated. They all did very well and everyone hit PR's which makes the event worth it. Mr. Kliewer is a helluva puller and I'm sure we'll be hearing more from him in the future. Mr. Tschetler has amazing muscular endurance and blew me away with his snatch and pull up numbers. Mr. Spriggs made huge strides from the last TSC (PR in all 3). He's only going to get better and stronger! I'll definitely be up for the next one in the spring and hope to see everyone back and some new faces.


Carl Sipes said...

Good #s. Looks like a lot of PRs for everyone. Great work!

Jason said...

Thanks for the compliments! The 550 was a monster grind. Back in the day, I would've bailed on it, but I felt confident enough to keep pulling. Take care!

Gabi said...

Great stuff, Jason! How was the shoulder taking the beatings?

Jason said...

My shoulder held up great and is feeling very good right now. The snatches weren't a problem at all. My last dead lift tweaked it a little bit, but I think my whole body tweaked on that pull! ;) I've conditioned all week and plan on trying the hybrid ROB routine next week to prepare for October's cert. Got some work to do!

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

You assembled a very impressive crew and congratulations to everyone on their PRs and awesome performances.

Your big pull was very intense and it took incredible fortitude to stick with it .. great job!

Andy's snatch form is extremely solid and 136 is an incredible number!

Also, nice job on your pull-ups .. your form was superb.

The 5 man pull-up station is off the charts .. I have to find excuse to get down your way.

Jason said...

Thanks for the props, Franklin! I'd love to have you come down to train anytime!

Franz Snideman said...


You are the MAN! Your DL numbers are rocking bro! Pull ups are great as well as the snatches!

You have got to be one of the most versatile RKC's I have ever known.

Rock on brother!

Jason said...

Thanks a ton Franz! That means a lot coming from you!