Monday, March 3, 2008

Not Much Work For Myself, But Some Great A-Ha Moments

My workout was very limited tonight, but it was well worth it for the concepts that were grasped by some of the students tonight. We worked some snatches in the workout and have practiced them for the last couple of weeks. It seems everyone's internal key of how to perform a movement is expressed differently. I can tell someone to move their elbow like their hitting someone standing behind them or tell them to mimic some cheerleading move they learned in high school. Either way, the concept stays the same and with the snatch (one of the most difficult moves to teach in my opinion) the concepts take a little longer to pick up. The baby steps have paid off in a big way and I'm looking at some pretty impressive weights being moved by some beginners who didn't know what the kettlebell snatch was two weeks ago!

What I did?
KB Flat Bench Press
2-16kg - 10
2-24kg - 10
2-32kg - 8
2-40kg - 3x5
The tough part about this is just cleaning the bells...the pressing was fairly easy. I didn't try cleaning the double beasts to press, but I will the next time when I try this.

Messin' around with some KB Juggling
Med Ball Slams - 3x10

Pretty good night...I'll try to pull heavy tomorrow. Start mentally preparing now!

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