Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/21/08 - 4/25/08

This was a good week. Everyone in class broke some PR's and pushed which was really great to see.

Class Workouts
Farmer Carry
Clean and Press Ladders - 3x1,2,3
Superset w/ Pull Ups
Fast Tens: 5 Rounds w/ Double KB
5 Swings
5 Cleans
5 Squats

Same as Monday

Bottoms Up Press
Circuit the following 5x
2 TGU - L
2 Overhead Squat - L
2 Windmill - L
10 2 Hand Swings
2 TGU - R
2 Overhead Squat - R
2 Windmill - R
10 2 Hand Swings

Class Choice - 20 mins - :30 Work/:30 Rest
Class Choice - 10 mins Swings or 5 Snatch

My Workouts
Worked w/ Class
Used 40kg on C & P Ladders and 2 28kg on Fast Tens

3 Board Press - worked up to 345, then 295 for 3x3
Close Grip
Face Pulls
Rear Raise off Incline

Box Squat - worked up to 395 3x3
Good Mornings

Tabata Snatches

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Carl Sipes said...

Looks like a good week of work. The tabata snatch sounds like no fun at all! Couple of questions, how long are your classes? and do you make everyone do an intro class they are at a similar level for the weekly ones? Thanks. I accidently put this on last weeks post also, sorry.