Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Videos

Here's a couple of new vids I put together from yesterday. I was just playing around and hadn't tried the pistol in awhile so I decided to attempt the "Taming" protocol for the Bulldog or 40kg KB. I was also intrigued by something I read about doing Double KB Turkish Get Ups, so I gave those a shot as well. I stopped at the 24kgs.

Taming The Bulldog

Double KB Turkish Get Up


Carl Sipes said...

Good video! It looked like you handled the bulldog with ease, I think the beast is in trouble. I like the double TGU. How did your knees feel going from hips on the ground to hips up and vice versa?

Jason said...

Thanks! I felt strong with it that day. I still think The Beast could tame me right now.

The knee to hip transition was definitely the most difficult part. My knee joints handled it very well, even considering my injury history. After the first rep, the motion became more comfortable.