Monday, March 24, 2008

Back To The Gym!!!

I got back home last Thursday night from a week-long trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. The trip was amazing! I got some great snow boarding in and rode a snow mobile for the first time which I will definitely do again. The snow was awesome and the town of Crested Butte has an aura about it that is found nowhere else.
The Rockies! Dressed for Space

Downtown Crested Butte

I had a hard time coming home, but there was plenty of work to be done. I got a new rack shipped in and my new T-shirts were finished the day after we drove in! They look sharp and everyone loves them! Here's a few pics of the new look!

I had a great set of classes Friday night and managed to get a ton done in the wake. Saturday made for an awesome day as well with some personal training and my first workshop which was a great success! Everyone picked up on the techniques extremely well and I'm looking forward to the future progress.
Tonight was a good night as well. I implemented the kettlebell complex and it was a fan favorite. Here's what happened...
3 Ladders, 3-5 Rungs of the following Complex done with double kettlebells
Front Squat
Renegade Row
Push Up
Followed with Fast Tens Swings - Doubles or Heavy Single
5, 10, 15 - Several times around depending on the class
Various ab work and cool down to top it off. Pretty good night. This was a favorite from the beginner to the advanced and little variation was implemented from one to the other.

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