Monday, March 10, 2008

Full ROM and Some VO2

I had a few minutes to practice some pulls from the floor, so I worked up to semi-heavy single without a belt and worked the VO2 snatch test. The deads felt a bit heavy today, but my warmups were a little rushed so that might've been a part of it. The snatch test felt good. My heart rate stayed around 70-80% of max and got a pretty good sweat in the last few minutes. Here's how it looked...

Various Warm Up Drills w/ Bar - Around 5 mins.

Dead Lift - Full ROM, Sumo Stance
135 - 10
245 - 5
335 - 1
425 - 1
515 - 1
Done! Should've pulled a few more singles at 500+, but I was strapped for time and wanted to do the VO2 test.

KB Snatch - 20kg
:15 Work, :15 Rest
7 Reps per work set
28 Sets or 14 minutes - 196 total reps.
Very nice test...I really liked the way I felt afterward....not too tired, but worked....gas still in the tank. Next I'll try 1 more rep per work set for 28 more total to put me at 224 reps.

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