Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ugh...Too Much Too Soon!!!

I trained with the class tonight and it wasn't a great idea in hindsight. The VO2 Max Snatch Test yesterday, combined with the heavy pulls from the ground took more out of me than expected. I didn't realize it until half way through the ladders tonight and due to ego (not intelligence) I pushed through the workout. I have to be careful not to overtrain, but the good thing is I'm going on a little hiatus starting Friday to the mecca of mountain biking and snow sports...Crested Butte, CO. I'm going to strap a board to my feet and slide, glide, jump, twist and hopefully not bust down the mountain a whole bunch of times. I'm looking forward to the break and it's coming at a very good time in my training. Good learning experience today though...post VO2 day.

Here's the workout...

24kg - L, R, L, R
28kg - L, R
24kg - L, R, L, R
28kg - L, R

Superset Ladders - 2 Ladders, 5 Rungs
Clean & Press - Double 32kg - 1st Ladder, Double 28kg - 2nd Ladder
Renegade Rows - Double 32kg - 1st Ladder, Double 28kg - 2nd Ladder

Fast Tens - 2 Rounds
Double Snatch - 20kg - 5x
Double Swing - 24kg - 10x
Double Front Squat - 24kg - 5x

I was smoked after all of this and it really wasn't that hard in comparison to some of my other workouts I've done before. My shoulders were toast towards the end of the first ladder and it was downhill from there. Needed another day of rest.

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