Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Since we did KB complexes Monday and Tuesday I decided to keep things simple tonight. Eventhough we kept the workout to 3 moves, it was definitely a great smoker.

TGU - 5 mins. (Alt L/R)

20 mins. of the following using the GYMBOSS
:15 - Two Hand KB Swing
:15 - Active Rest
:15 - Pushup (Varied hand positions)
:15 - Active Rest

Ab Circuit (for last two classes)
Russian Twists
V-Sit Situps
Side-to-side Hot Potato
Med Ball Slams

I worked in with the last class and used the 20kg on the TGU's and managed an average of 8-9 swings with the 32kg per work set and 10 pushups per work set for around 170 swings and 200 pushups. It was a great smoker and I loved its simplicity!


Carl Sipes said...

Great pictures! How's the TSC training going?

Jason said...

I started out strong, went snowboarding on vacation and came back feeling a little weak. I'm still going to compete, but the training has been slow to come back. Thanks for's things with you?

Carl Sipes said...

The training is going well. I'm looking forward to the weather breaking and being able to get outside for some workouts and some golf.

Jason said...

Rock On!! Golf weather is definitely upon us here in Lubbock. 80's and breezy...feels like spring!