Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lo And Behold

Big day for my Dead Lift progress. I set out to hold a weight in my hands that they've never held before. Today was the day, albeit from a pin pull, but it was still a nice PR. 605 from the 3rd Pin, Sumo Style. Here's how I worked up to it...

Bar - 10-20x

135 - 10x

245 - 5x

335 - 1x

425 - 1x

515 - 1x (no belt here)

565 - 1x (add belt)

605 - 1x (felt as fast or faster than the other to 500+ lifts. I think I have more in me, but we'll see what happens when the pull is from the floor. I think I'll start my dynamic pulls on an elevated surface this week to strengthen my starting strength. All my dynamic work is done in a full ROM.

Snatch work

16kg - :15 work, :15 rest - 8 minutes...not sure on the reps, but I was keeping around 6 reps per :15. Nice sweat, but it really wasn't that difficult. I'll go up in weight next time.

Class was good. The BJJ guys worked on their KB Snatch form, hit some strength work and had a nice smoker at the end. 10 swings per rung of a ladder of burpees/sprawls up to 5 and back down again. Took about 7 minutes as they push themselves pretty hard.

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